Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lots to talk about!!

Okay I have about an hour to spare!! I am on spring break but I have been so busy it has been unreal! Good news!! Baby Isabella is here!!! She was born on March 10 and was in the NICU for about a week and she was able to come home two days ago. She is so adorable and has a FULL head of hair! It looks like she has a wig on! It is hilarious! She is only about 6 pounds right now, so it is so different from John. He is so big already, almost 15 pounds, crazy! Here are a few pictures of Bella and John. I helped my mom babysit him today after we left Allison's house. He is sick, so we don't want him around Bella. Poor thing is snorting and coughing a lot and then I fed him and kid you not 3 minutes later he was throwing up all over the place! Poor baby! I promise you I just flipped him on his stomach and let him throw up all over the floor! It makes me laugh now because my mom was like OH MY GOSH! hahaha... He smiled afterwards, his tummy must have felt a LOT better!

So... we bought all of the tile for our master bathroom remodel. We bought more than we had planned, but we are really excited about everything! We got 20 inch tile that is beautiful porcelian, we will put it together with VERY little grout lines to make it look like a full sheet of stone on the floor. We are completely gutting the shower and putting a half wall so that we dont have a door for the shower. So we have all 1 inch tile for the shower pan, front of the bath tub, a break in the shower tile, and then the window seal. Hard to explain, but it is going to look AMAZING! We also bought a gorgeous medallion for a ridiculous price for the center of the floor. Here is what that looks like and you can get idea of the coloring of the bathroom. =) Now, I did start tearing off the hideous crap on the walls and the lazy guy who did it did it over even more hideous wallpaper. Oh joy! We are going to be buying the new fixtures soon too... oh I hope we don't go overboard, but I hate our bathroom, so I am so ready to get going!!!

Anyone need any lighting fixtures?! Go to Park Row Lighting! I was told by a lady at the gym that the Southlake one is going out of business and everything was an additional 75% off... well I headed up there this week and got a game room light for $80!!! Yes, EIGHTY! They had so much amazing pieces for ridiculously amazing prices! They had things for 50 bucks... some light for 15! I wish this had been going on when we bought all of our lighting fixtures from Lowes.. we spent so much money! Well, there are two other centers and I was told that they decided this past weekend that they are going to close those too! Everything is going to be on sale! You better head out there. Not kidding, we might go to the Arlington one to look for fans for the guest rooms. Oh can't wait!! So here is the lighting fixture that we bought... it isn't up yet, I just got it yesterday.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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I am going to update soon... I really am!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Green Thumb

What a week! It was a long one and even my Saturday was really tiring! Allison is in the hospital, since last Wednesday night. She has preeclampsia and is now on strict bed rest until Isabella arrives; which could be as early as Tuesday! Jeremy and I are pumped about having another baby around! It gets our baby fix in since we have decided to wait a few more years. Anywhom, that is a big part of the week. We try to get up there as much as possible, but hopefully this time next week everyone will be home and comfy!

Jeremy and I got to babysit John on Sunday and we had such a great time! He is such an easy baby, didn't cry at all. Well he was in a smiley/laughy mood, which was a lot of fun. Jeremy's parents came over along with my dad to play with John. Such a popular kid already! He is getting SO big it is ridiculous!! Have a looks-y!

Work has been going great, although TAKS has started. Ahhh stressful, not much longer until the math TAKS, which freaks me out! So I guess we will see if I have a job next year in May when we get the scores back. One more week until spring break... woohooo!! Not that I don't love my job, but a week off would be rather wonderful! I can't believe how fast school has been going, only 11 more weeks. That is crazy to me!!

We are still wanting to do the bathroom, we are going to buy the tile soon, but I think we might wait until there is not as much going on to start. Our original plan was to have already started, but with all the baby stuff, that just didn't happen. It will get done, I swear it! I am so excited about it, I just wish it wasn't as big of a project than it is, but oh well. The deals we are getting are amazing and too good to pass up. But we did do some gardening this weekend, as to why I am so completely exhausted. I woke up at 7:15 and did my regular Saturday 2 hour workout that kills, but if I had known how much we were doing, I might have cut that down quite a bit! My dad came over and we first went to the stone yard and got stones to line our flower-beds in the front of the house. It was really easy, but just lots of labor! These stones are not 2 pounds, my friends!! And they are not lovely on your hands, they are all sorts of scrapped up. So after two trips to the stone yard we headed to Lowe's and got a few vegetables to plant, although we have to wait a little longer for the tomatoes and such because it is supposed to get cold again next week. We finished the front yard and by this time Jeremy's parents had come to help too, thankfully because two more sets of hands made things in the front yard zoom by. We go to the back yard and then randomly decided to pull up all of this flagstone that was by the pool and trim out these trees and take out all of these other rocks. I know it is necessary and it will look so much better, but do you know how heavy flagstone is?!? I using the shovel to try to uproot it because it had been there forever and I was just sweating like crazy! Those big ones are like 30 pounds and we had a ton of them! We didn't finish everything, there was no way, we worked on it for about 4 or 5 hours and then decided to call it a day. Jeremy and I have to wake up pretty early tomorrow to go to Lowes and get mulch and stuff to put down in the place of the flagstone and we have to do it before it storms. Should be a lovely and relaxing Sunday... wait... once we finish I will take some pictures of that, but I do have one or two of the front. We also have some iron work to hang on the front, but we didn't get to that either.

Oooo I can't wait to have green grass again! It will look about 1,000 times better!! Alright, I am off to watch Oprah on DVR... aren't I so exciting?!