Thursday, September 30, 2010

High Hopes

I am hoping to do some fall crafting this weekend.  It may be a solo project because Jeremy is planning on doing some major work outside.  We are finally taking the plunge and buying a shed.  Who knew those things were so expensive?!  Well, you may have, but I sure didn’t.  But, it will be a huge space saver and then our next step is to put a lot of shelving in the garage.  Should take a year to get everything how we want it.  Wow.  I am way off topic!  So anyways… I have been thinking that my cute cute summer time wreath is now out of season.  Sadness.


I really do love this one!  I will save it for later, that’s for sure!  Well, I have been blogging around looking for funzie fall stuff.  Everyday Expressions has this great wreath tutorial that I think I am going to attempt this weekend.


While I’m at it I might as well try these fall topiaries by Decor Chick.  I might make mine a little bit more full?  Not sure?!


Pretty soon I need to get my pumpkins and start painting them.  I think I might spray them white and then stencil on a design in gold?  Orange?  What color do you think?  Anyone want to join in on the craft weekend?!  (I hope I actually get some of it done!!)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday + TV = Love


Tuesday night is one of my favorite nights for TV and I am willing to bet it is for quite a few other people too.  Perhaps, this is the reason!

Perhaps, you also watched this!

Did you watch either one?  If so, what did you think?!  I LOVED this Glee.  I thought it was hilarious!  The brushing my teeth with soda because I thought Dr. Pepper was a dentist.  I was cracking up.  Jeff went too far with Sarah, but when does he not go crazy-o?

AND… did you watch the premier of this?

It was sad.  I miss Rita.  But, I still love Dexter… even though he kills peeps.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Christmas So Soon??

Jeremy and I are starting to think of what we are going to give ourselves for Christmas and I we are leaning towards a King-Sized Bed.  I am perfectly content with ours but I am also 5’1.  Jer, on the other hand, is not so comfy.  Here is our plan: just buy the mattress and the bed frame, buy new bedding (kind of sad because I love ours), and make a new headboard.  I am pretty excited and I saw this today on Chic Coles and loved it!
I would love to add some yellow or some pop of fun color in the pillow.

Here is some inspiring headboards; don’t you love them?!
This is a DIY headboard from Design Sponge.
avalon_headboard_yellow_543 hboard hboard2 headboard1 p_100819921

Do you have any Christmas gifts you are getting yourselves??

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pumpkin Love

It is time to start thinking about how I can paint my pumpkins this year.  Here is what my friend and I did one night last year.  So fun!


This was our inspiration:

Here are some ideas for this year!  Do you have any great pumpkin ideas?  I LOVE pumpkins.  No idea why…. but, I do!
pumpkin1 pumpkin2 pumpkin3 pumpkin5

Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend, I love you

My 3 day weekend consisted of the following things:
cupcakes lake

And, I lot of working out to cancel out the cupcakes and other goodies.

Tuesday, do you really have to come so quickly??