Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Glorious TV Time!

Can we talk TV for a minute or two or so!? I DVR a few shows and I just cannot say how excited I get to watch the new episodes. Jeremy and I love to go rent series on DVD and then just watch them all at once, it really is the best. I think all shows should come like that. I watched the first two seasons of LOST that way and I don't recall doing anything productive for about 2 weeks! But more on that show later. Let's chat about the random great ones that I just love to watch.

Real Housewives (every city) on Bravo. I think this show is freaking hilarious! Anyone else watch it?! I know Brad and Staci do! Atlanta was by far the most entertaining because of Ne-Ne (however she spells her name). Oh boy, she is a funny gal indeed. Also the one that thought she could become a country star but was the worst singer you have ever heard! Simon would have ripped her a new one on American Idol (coming up as well). She was NOT 30, no way, no how. 40.. yes... 30 NO. Anywhom, OC wrapped up last night with the reunion show, which was all over the place! I am not a fan of Vicki and Tamra... we (as in Jeremy and I... yes I make him watch it, but deep down he loves this show too.. he knows all about it!) liked Tamra at the beginning but not so much anymore! She is a biatch! Anyways.. who cares if Gretchen has a boyfriend?! I think her and the whole Jeff thing was sad, but also strange. Maybe she felt like she couldn't break up to him because he was dying of cancer and was just kind of stuck and, sorry to say, just waiting it out. Maybe?! Who knows?! But I am excited for NY episodes. Simon and Alex are SO BIZARRO!

Next... Project Runway... please come back. "Leatha"... best part by far.

While we are still on Bravo.. Top Chef. I like this show and it makes me slighty want to learn how to cook, but not so much. I don't want Stefan to win, he is so cocky and annoying. I like what's her face..... can't think of it, but she is the only girl left and she makes me laugh. She sings some of her words and I connect with that and like her now :)

LOST... Who does not watch this show besides Allison, Tyler, and my parents?! Everyone does! I have NO idea what is going on and its in the 5th season. Sad, but true. Just when I think I have come up with a new theory, Jer shoots me down! What happened to Aaron? How is John to come back alive since he died? Are Jake and Kate the two skeletons we saw on the first episode? Please answers my questions.. or don't... I don't think I would get all of it anyways.

American Idol... not sure what I think about the new judge yet. I could honestly do away with everyone but Simon. The first 'live' show last week the new judge was too close to her mic and it was annoying. Apparently, I nit-pick.. who knew? Simon is funny, Paula is on drugs or is just a complete moron (possibly a mixture of both), the new judge... tries a bit too hard at the moment for me, and Randy..."uhh it was a litte pitchy dog, I just don't know about that one.. for me, it was aight". Blah... you are boring. I don't have a favorite yet.. that comes when we are down the top whatever amount it is. But I do like that there are not an equal amount of boys and girls this year... now actually the top people will get in.. not just the top girls and then the top boys.

Heros.... we are one week behind and not really hurrying to watch it. That should say something.

First 48... if I didn't have to get pepper-sprayed to be a cop, I might think about that in my spare time. Maybe a two days a week summer job.. be a homicide detective. Sounds reasonable to me. Who wouldn't want me to work their case? CPS cases.. Homicide cases... same basics. Throw me in Sarge... I'm ready!

Dexter... Adam and Stef told us that this would be a good show and we decided to rent disc one AND two of the first season. We were thinking we would breeze right through them. Well, the due date came and we had not even taken them out of the case. So... we re-rented them and watched all of disc one and we are on disc two. Pretty clever show. A tad graphic at times, but nothing like True Blood or Deadwood (RIP). I like it, Dexter makes me chuckle because he has no feelings and what he says is just very dry. If you liked Boondock Saints (spelling?!) you might like this.. same type of concept. But, yeah, pretty different. The only similarity is that he kills bad guys. I tried to make a comparison!

True Blood, Deadwood, and Entourage... all great HBO series. True Blood, if you can get past the first few awful ones, it is pretty good and it sucks you in. Get it?? Sucks you in.. and they are vampires?! Anyways... Deadwood was amazing, Jeremy and I LOVED this show but they stopped making it after a few season. Entourage.. everyone loves it. Arie and Lloyd are my favorite, by far. Can't wait for Sunday nights to start up again!

Any other shows that I should watch?! Keep em coming, I love DVR! Best creation since light fixtures that come with remotes. They both go hand in hand, don't they?!

Monday, February 23, 2009

oh music

So I randomly decided to go on YouTube to watch live music performances and it made me realize how much I miss going to go see concerts. My last one was Mr. Buble (LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM!!!), but I used to go at least once a month, if not way more. I love going to see live music, esp in small spaces... ah it is amazing. So, I have decided to list some of my favorite artists and some songs that I like. They may not be your particular style, but they have passion in their songs that make me just love them!

Oh course... Everything by MY Micheal Buble

Anything by Damien Rice... I am sad that Lisa has left, she was so great

Ocean - John Butler Trio

Sideways - Citizen Cope

Blood Red Summer - Coheed & Cambria (RANDOM.. but I like them! ha ha)

Colorblind - Counting Crows (oldie, but goodie)

Dave Barnes & Matt Wertz - like pretty much all of their songs

Savannah's World - David Saw

Blacking out the Friction - Death Cab for Cutie (they are a great band, check them out if you haven't already)

Not Ready to Make Nice - Dixie Chicks (I miss them)

speaking of... what happened to She Daisy?!

Psychobabble - Frou Frou

Cruisin - G. Paltrow and H. Lewis

Iron & Wine... very relaxing music... used to play them constantly while studying in college

Oh God - Jamie Cullum (You REALLY need to listen to him, he is so amazing.. go see him live, he is ridiculous!!!)

Jason Mraz - his whole Live CD is pretty spectacular

Come Around - Marc Broussard

Matt White Band - I found them on myspace in college and I like him!

Ossining - Mike Doughty - Bob introduced me to him and many others in college... random good music

Norah Jones - I just like her music!!

Hello...... the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, I could watch that movie every week!!

I can't pick just one song, so listen to The Postal Service

Hallelujah - Rufus Wainwright

Taking Back Sunday reminds me of Summer of 2005 (I think) so I will like to randomly play it

Shy That Way - Jason Mraz & Tristan Prettyman

Okay I think that is enough for now! Allison's baby shower went really well and I will post pictures soon! I get to babysit John this weekend with Jeremy and my dad.. which means they will play ping pong and I will get to sit and try to make John laugh as much as possible :)

Any music that you think I should try?! I need new music!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wah-Lah! (is that how you spell it?!)

After about a week our window treatments are complete! Yeah! I am pretty excited about it. My mom did all the sewing and I helped by pinning everything :) They turned out really great, esp. since we have never done this before. The hardest part was finding a drapery rod for the guest bedroom. I wanted something very particular and I looked EVERYWHERE for it and was having no luck at all. Well what I loved was on Pottery Barn online but was around 80 bucks, and I refuse to do that. So I finally found what I was looking for at Ross (favorite place) but it was the wrong color. My dad and I spray painted it black and it's just grand! Anywhom.. here are before pictures and after pictures. Actually, I don't have a before picture of the dining room because it is too dark. My bad! The gold is the formal dining, the blue/cream is for the master bedroom, and the black and white is in the guest room! Enjoy :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

baby needles... yikes!

Sadness... Jeremy is flying to Germany today and I hate it. I hate being home alone, it scares me and I can barely sleep. So I will be having a slumber party at my parent's tonight! He is coming back Friday, so it is a short trip; better than the 10 days he was gone last time. But still stinks!

I am making window treatments, finally! And when I say "I", I mean my mom and I... which means my mom is sewing and I am helping to pin them :). Jeremy and I went to Home Fabrics and Rugs (or whatever the name of that place is right by NE Mall) and found three amazing fabrics for our formal dining, guest bedroom, and master bedroom. It was pretty exciting times for Jeremy to get to pick out some fabrics! But I worked on the dining room one for a few hours yesterday with my mom and we are almost done. We had to line it.. which wasn't an easy task, and we have three complete sides, including getting our trim on two sides, and then all we have left to do is make the pocket up top and dunzo! Two more windows to go.. but the others will be easier. I am not lining them and I am not putting trim on them. Just two basic panels per window. I will post pictures of the process later when it is complete. Who wants to see before and no after pictures?! Not me.. that's annoying.

Why the title of this post? Well, Thursday was quite the trying day for me. I can't say it was the highlight of my year.. so far it is the worst day in 2009... far worse than my stupid stop sign ticket. Which we all know how angry I was about that! (Find something better to do at 5am than pull me over in my own neighborhood!) Anyways... I have decided to switch doctors, so I had my first appointment there. I am in the waiting room and I check my work email (I took the morning off to do this) and I have a bit of a problem with an email that was sent to me... if you know me than you know this... probably shouldn't talk about it here, but just know I was angry! =) Then I go get the physical done and then its blood taking time. I tend to pass out from time to time... like later on when I take the band aide off.. its weird, I know, but it happens. So, I tell her that she might want to have my lay down.. sitting up is no good. And not to give me the play by play, no commentary is needed. Well, she gets out the baby needle, I have small veins apparently, and takes a jab at my right arm. No good, lets try the left, stab, no good. So, she sends me to another place in Grapevine to get it done. Awesome. I am driving around like a moron trying to find this place and finally just starting crying from everything. I finally get there, wait in line and then they take me back. The lady has the needle IN my right arm and is like hmm strange and WHILE the needle is IN my arm goes to get another nurse. Crying begins almost immediately! They are pushing on my arm and poking around with the needle in it... I am truly surprised I didn't throw up or pass out right then and there. I was getting pretty hot! So they have to switch arms, yet again, and finally they finish up. I must have looked like a freak to the people in the waiting room, red eyes and I swear my hair was comparable to a troll doll. I am driving to work and I am just upset and I go into the office and they just send back home. Perfect. So, I drive to the court to pay my fine to take defensive driving (might as well do all the bad things in one day) and I get up there to find out that my insurance expired like two days ago. So I get in my car, cry a bit more, and drive home to sleep! Amazing Thursday huh?! Jeremy was sweet and got me a card and candy to make me feel better. It was just one of those days when everything went wrong. LOVERLY!

Well, my conference period is about to be over and I need to grade a few late grades since they are due tonight. I love late work...... Pictures of windows coming soon :) Get excited people!!