Monday, June 13, 2011

A Plan!

We finally have a vision for our nursery and I cannot wait for everything to come together!  We ordered our crib and we went back and bought the Serena & Lily bedding (Kate Collection) from Baby Bliss.  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  While we were at Baby Bliss we sat in the most amazingly comfortable chair of all time.  Although, it was amazingly expensive.  Boo.  My mom and I searched everywhere to see who else carried it in store and online and we weren’t having any luck, UNTIL Buy Buy Baby opened up  last week.  Have you been here? It is glorious.  I like it more than Babies R Us, but then again, they basically have the exact same stuff anyways.  They had the chair for over $100 less and then for 20% off!  We ordered it right away and in 8-10 weeks this baby will be in our nursery.
The color is completely different and it is a solid, no pattern.

I also found a wonderful french-style nightstand from a garage sale that I am going to repaint a pale pink and then glaze for by the chair.  I still need to figure out the window treatments and get a loverly lamp to go in that area.

We also figured out wall colors and ideas!!  Hallelujah!  We are going to do beadboard in our white trim colors to add some dimension.  Plus, it is super cute in nurseries.  That helps!  Our room looks nothing like this, but it is a nursery with beadboard, so you get the drift.

Our wall color is not the norm, but we love that.  I didn’t want pink or green or blue or whatever.  So, we thought lets do a chic gray!  Sherwin Williams to the rescue.  Here is a color swatch of it but it looks so much better on the walls.

Jeremy and I love it and we hope to start painting this week and then put the beadboard up as well.  I am hoping this won’t be a monster of a task.  While we are putting that up we will also put up crown molding.  Easy smeasy.  We have done that in a few rooms already so it isn’t super difficult.

I found this bookcase from Land of Nod, but again, I am not paying the price tag.  So, Jeremy said he would make one!  Which I love better because I can make it any size I want.  Oh the joys of having a super handy husband.

My baby shower theme is to help Build a Library so everyone is bringing their favorite book instead of a card.  I LOVE this because I am such a book nerd and I have already started collecting books for Emma to put on this bookcase.  So, above this I want to frame some really cute vintage book covers to add pops of color and make this library her little nook.  My friend, Sara, and I looked for a while online last night while the guys watched the Mavs (WOOOHOOO CHAMPS!!) and here are a few that we loved.
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I just love The Saggy Baggy Elephant.  I think he is just adorable!!

As you can see I am getting overly excited and I cannot wait for everything to come together.  Stay tuned for massive pictures!!!