Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hunger Games…. I know, I know..

Everyone and their dog has seen the movie by now.  Hopefully you read the book before you saw that movie because the books were amazing!  Speaking of, here are things that I found to be different and stuck out to me.  Some are rather random!

1 – When I pictured the cornucopia I was pictured the Thanksgiving gold basket weaving one! ha! Oops.

2- What happened to poor sweet Madge?!  Sorry ‘bout ya.

3 – Thresh didn’t get killed by the mutants…. but killed either way.

4 – Speaking of, the mutants were the tributes and I was looking forward to seeing how they were going to do that.  Is that morbid of me??

5 -  Peeta was a little taller in my mind.  But, I still like him!  (Although, I am still Team Gale!)

6 – Were the Avox in the movie or did I just not see them?  Isn’t that what the people were called that had their tongues cut out?

7 – I thought they were in that cave for like 5 chapters!

Anywhom… I LOVED the books and I really enjoyed the movie too!  Which, I was surprised because I usually don’t like movie adaptations.  Enter Twilight crap movies.  Which, the trailer for the last one came on while we were waiting for the Hunger Games to start and it looked equally as horrible as every other one.  I think it is just that I cannot stand Kristen Stewart as Bella.  I would almost be happier if they killed her character off.  Sorry to say it, but I did.  So there.

And, Gale.  Wowie.  Looking forward to seeing him more in Catching Fire! :)