Thursday, March 31, 2011

Birthday and Bathroom

Today is my birthday! The big 2-7.  This should be a hugely exciting year for us!  Hello…. a baby is quite a change for us.

Another change is our guest bathroom.  It isn’t nearly done, but it is getting there.  Take a looksie.


Here are some of the after shots.  We have paints on the wall now but I haven’t taken pictures yet.  I know, I suck.  Sorry.


I am in love with our bathroom and my birthday.  I got a TON of candy for coworkers and students and their parents.  Jeremy bought me a new phone over the weekend and I came home to my favorite candies, a sweet card, and a beautiful orchid.  LOVE him!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Changes Ahead

Wow… how long has it been since I have blogged?!  Yikes!!  Things have been really busy with family, work, friends, side furniture business, etc…  We are also in the process of redoing our guest bathroom.  But, that will be saved for another post when I have all the after pictures complete.  Knowing me it could take me months to find a shower curtain.  So, don’t hold your breathe for that post!

Plus, we are expecting our first baby in September! YEAH!  We couldn’t be more excited for what is in store for us.  We found out at the very beginning of January and we finally told everything about a week or so ago.  Quite the secret to keep.  Of course, I cannot wait to find out the sex so I can start with my massive nursery plans.  Jeremy is going to just love me when I show him my ideas.  Oh well!

Here are some nurseries that I just love.  Some I only like part, but you get the idea.