Friday, October 30, 2009

Frightening... and not bc of Halloween!

I had a big of a scare this morning. I was in my classroom and I was about to leave to go get some copies and I went to my door and guess who was also there?? Oh, just a HUGE spider!! If you know me at all, you know that I have left our old condo and stayed at my parents until Jeremy came home to make sure a big bug was dead. I have a bit of a phobia. So, when I saw big legs that was my cue to scream and run to the other side of the room. Pacing, hand shaking, and heart palpitations began. Honestly, I thought what the hellzer am I going to do?! I need my copies, but I am not stuck in the corner of my room. So, I started dialing every male in the school that I thought would be by their phone. Third male was the charm. He sensed my panic voice and said be right there. Thank the Lord for Austin! Although, at first he couldn't find it, which got me all nervous because I CANNOT teach in a room while looking for a killer spider.... not happening. Anywhom, crisis adverted, he killed the spider before it killed me.

My dream of getting new carpet before Thanksgiving has been changed to after New Years because Jeremy somehow talked me into getting a new TV for the living room. How? I think I was low on sugar and he took full advantage of the fact that I didn't have the will to fight... I just wanted food at that point. So, maybe carpet in Feb?

Can't wait to see the babies all dressed up tomorrow! I will take pictures and post them later!! :)

And, Happy Birthday to my mom!!! 80 never looked so good! hahahaha... I am dying laughing... but she is not close to 80; anywhom. Love you!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Walking for a Cure

What a great weekend! Jeremy and I were invited to dinner and to go see Rocky Horror Picture Show at a theater with another couple. I have never seen that movie, I didn't even know what it was about... so needless to say I was prettttty surprised that it was about a transvestite! haha! We had a great time; always nice to do something totally different.

Saturday morning started at 5:40am, wow. My mom, sisters, Sarah (close family friend), and I teamed up for Race for the Cure in Dallas. We raised almost $5,000, which is awesome!! We thought we could get there by 7am, but we were pretty wrong on that assumption! There were around 30,000 people (or so I was told) and good gosh it was so crowded. We ended up parking a mile away and we didn't get to the race until 7:30. So, we walked the 5K and then the 1 mile back. My feet were not feeling very fresh at that point! But, I had a lot of fun and it was for a great cause!

After a much needed nap and church we met up with Brad, Staci, and Matt for dinner at yummy Gloria's. Well, the guys decided to have a few margaritas to start the night, which is fine, but then they thought it would be a good idea for all 3 of them to squeeze into the backseat of my Jetta for the ride home. Jeremy is 6'2 and Brad is 6'4, and Matt fit comfortably. But, we had to listen to Brad and Jeremy complain about how squished they were. Oh well! Staci and I painted pumpkins while the guys played pool, had a few more drinks, and then decided to wrestle in our bedroom. No worries, this does not happen often! But our pumpkins came out really cute! Check it out :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Jeremy and I are going to a Halloween party and we need something fun to make for our costume! I don't want to go buy one of those skanky outfits that are sold. I kinda hate Halloween parties because girls think it is an excuse to dress like a hooker, sorry honey... now you just look like a desperate hoochie... NOT a fan! But, we are going, and we need a fun and appropriate outfit. Jeremy said months ago that he wanted to be Billy Mays, but not sure if he wants to do that still. Maybe I can blow up a picture of the Twilight poster and get a giant black box and I would be everyone's fav book! I need ideas people!!

Speaking of Halloween, I want to do some decorating, which means I need to do this VERY soon since it is already the 14th! Here are some fun photos :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009


While doing laundry I keep finding a lot, and I mean more than 3 or 4, mint wrappers in all of Jeremy's pants and shorts. My first thought is not that he eats an abnormal amount of mints on a daily basis, but why in the world is he confusing his pant pockets with a trash can? I know he has plenty of trash cans at work within walking distance if his is full in his cubicle. Maybe it is just me, but I find it odd that he would prefer to carry trash in his pockets every single day.

I have been sick... thanks to possibly the large number of students who are sick at work. Although, I don't know what I have. My doctor said maybe the beginnings of the flu, maybe not? I thought that was a very promising, and professional, diagnosis. I am on flu medicine just in case. I tried to go to work today but I declined rapidly so I went home during 3rd period. Thanks to my amazing co-workers for covering two of my classes on their conference before the sub got there. But I feel a LOT better already! :)

Here are some great pictures from our wedding that we could from our photographer, Alana. She has a blog! Check her out, I took forever to go through all my pictures to pick them out, I guess buying a house makes you busy. But I got all of our pictures back and thought you might want to see a few!

On a completely different note; does anyone know how to re-do blog pages? I just want a banner and everything else to be white and clean. But, I am not that computer savvy! I need some help!

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Husband Habit

As you know I am trying to read all 15 of the Janet Evanovich books... which means I have read one so far and I just picked up the second one this weekend from the library. But, before I went I had to finish another book I checked out, The Husband Habit but Alisa Valdes - Rodriguez. Aside from the random overkill on the politics from time to time, the book was really good! I really liked all the characters and it flowed well. I read more than half of it last night, so that must mean something!

Anyone watch the season finale of Entourage?!? I really hope Turtle and Jamie get back together, I love them together. But, I am really excited that E and Sloan are engaged. I didn't not see that coming when he proposed! How sweet =)

Nothing else uber exciting going on in my world. 1 six weeks of school down, 5 more to go!!!