Sunday, October 31, 2010

What a week…

This week has been really busy and has had some super low moments.  Let’s start with these photos:
IMG_2688 IMG_2689 IMG_2701 IMG_2702 IMG_2707 IMG_2708

Yes, that would be water coming up from our floors.  It looks way better than before we cleaned it up and turned the water off from the street.  We have not one, but two slab leaks in our house.  Our beautiful wood floors have already starting warping.  It is sadness.  I hope our insurance gives us the go ahead to get our floors completely redone.  I mean they are going to have to since there is sitting water underneath them!! Ugh… then the very next day our pool pump went out.  Goodbye money that we planned on using for our guest bathroom remodel.  Boo.  (No pun intended since it is Halloween.)

Saturday Jeremy and I went to College Station to go to the Texas A&M vs. Texas Tech game.  Jeremy went to A&M and I went to Tech.  We had a great time!  He had a better time since they won, but I wasn’t expecting much from our team.  I miss LEACH!

Our seats were in the shade and I didn’t want to have the lady behind me take another picture.  Oh well.

Pretty great seats!  Thanks to his parents for giving us their tickets for the game.

We worked on furniture for a few hours today and we hope to have SEVERAL pieces done by Saturday.  Stay tuned to see how they turn out.  :)

Other than that I have been reading books that my students told me about.  Have you read these?

I have read the first two in a week (they are short easy reads) and I am waiting for the 3rd one to come in at the library.  Not going to lie, I know they are Young Adult books, but I think they are pretty good!!
***FYI  The order of the books should be The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and MockingJay***

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Craigslist Love

Here are my recent purchases from Craig.  These are the pictures from the post, so they aren’t that great.  It was POURING today so they are nice and dry in the garage; which means they are nice and squished so Jetty can be in there too.

3k33p93lc5Q65T15S6aan855a925d08831288 3ma3o53l05U45P35R6aane30a42f139bd1d68 3n63m93l45Y55T15U5aana1b4b69290e5120d 3o83p33l55Y45T05S4aanf37b3cac645719f4

What color should I paint them?  These aren’t for me, so it can’t be too crazy!  Maybe the same color as the last dresser?  They almost have the exact same body style too.

Thanks Craig, you made my day.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Altar’d Party

This past Saturday was our Altar’d Party and we had a blast!!  Mandie from Altar'd drove to DFW from Houston so that I could host a party here with my friends and family.  We are so grateful that she was willing to do that!

Here are some before, during, and after pictures (I was so busy that I kept forgetting to take pictures….oops!).

Allison’s dressers:
IMG_2637 IMG_2660IMG_2645

Staci’s rocking chair:


My parent’s accent table (it has a marble top):


Stef’s side table and dresser:



My nightstands and dresser:

IMG_2638 IMG_2639 IMG_2641   IMG_2654   IMG_2657   

I wish you could see all the details of the dresser and nightstands because they are AMAZING!  And, I love that I added great knobs from Hobby Lobby.  I will add the picture of that later.  :)

Thanks Mandie!!  Go check out her site if you haven’t already.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sneak Peak!

We had our Altar’d party yesterday and I am in love with our finished pieces.  I will do a post later with every piece and you will be in love with Mandie from Altar'd too!



Do you love?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Finally Complete

It took two trips to Michael’s and two nights to complete, but my topiaries are done!  If you want to make two buy:

-2 small pots
-2 small styrofoam balls and 2 mediums ones
-2 dowel rods
-spray paint

Thankfully, my in-laws have a small hardware store at their house so I got the 2 dowel rods there.  I stuck those in the smaller balls and put those in the pot first.  I spray painted the whole thing and it only took two coats.
IMG_2612 IMG_2613 IMG_2614

Cut your dowel rod down to the height that you want.  I had to cut it twice because it was way too tall the first time.  Then, I just spread out my supplies and decided on what the heck I was going to do.  Took me a little while to get a game plan together. 

Also, remember to hot glue the dowel rod to the balls and the balls to the pot.  Makes life easier!

IMG_2615  IMG_2617

Now, just start sticking your floral pieces in where you want them!  I would cut the pieces so I had about an inch to push into the base and it would stick out a few inches from the base.  I wanted it to look as full as possible.

IMG_2619 IMG_2620

So, here is my final result!  I think it turned out great; especially for my first go around.  I have QUITE a bit left over… oops.  So if anyone wants a topiary, you know who to call!  And, it isn’t Ghostbusters….

IMG_2625 IMG_2626

What else should I put on this table? 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Craft Day 2

Ran out of supplies (even though I thought I bought enough for a small village)……

IMG_2620 IMG_2621

To Be Continued……..

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Craft Day 1

My goal for today was to make a wreath and hang it up before I went to church.  So, I went straight from the gym to Michael’s, which was not pretty.  My face was beet red and I kept wondering if I was actually moving because my legs were hurting so bad.  But, have no fear, I perked right back up while walking through the store.  Michael’s had all of their fall floral and accessories for 50% off!  JACKPOT!  So here is what I got:
IMG_2601 IMG_2602

I know it is a ton of stuff, but remember I am going to make topiaries too (hopefully tomorrow).  So, I just started placing things around the wreath until I got a combination I liked.  It took a lot longer than what I would have thought.  I am not super great at it, so I changed everything every other second.  (And, I have to have a picture to look at to get ideas…duh!)
IMG_2606 IMG_2607 IMG_2608

So here is the final result!!
IMG_2610 IMG_2611

Remember that the big white fluffy thing if the coffee paper wreath that is on the other side of the door.  I think I have a wreath obsession.

What do you think!?