Sunday, February 28, 2010

12 more

Last Friday was the end of the 4th six weeks which means I have 12 more to go until I am on summer vacation!  I am so excited, I can barely take it.  Just to get past the TAKS, then I am home free. 

Our pool renovations started, nothing much to update there.  We need to pick out tile and we haven’t.  Oops.

We got to babysit John last Sunday for an hour or so and he was adorable, as always.  Don’t tell Jen that dad wanted to see if he could hang from a pull-up bar!  (Good news… he hung on.)
IMG_2314 IMG_2315 IMG_2317 IMG_2318 IMG_2320

We have a few projects going on and I won’t go into detail until I have some pictures to explain.  But, here is an idea of what I did for a wee little while today.  Jeremy worked on his projects ALL day!  I did not… double/partner step and wheat thins took up some of my precious time.
It was a primer party in our garage around 4:00.  You should have stopped by.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Crafty idea!

Alright ladies, who wants to do a craft project with me?  Staci?  Allison?  Jen?  Celice?  Anyone?!  It’s gonna be a cute one!

I want a wreath for the door but I don’t like any at the stores, so why not make one?  I remembered that I saw a really fun one on someone’s blog but couldn’t remember which one.  It would take forever trying to find it but somehow I found it quickly through google images.  It was on a different blog but it lead me to the info.  Perfect.  AND, she had her DIY wreath on her page and it is beautiful!  How are people so creative?  And, why am I not one of those people?  Oh life.
green2 wreath
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I have been trying to keep myself busy lately so I am not thinking too much of what is going on with my family.  The trip to California was the hardest thing I have ever done and I think I was cried pretty much the whole time I was awake yesterday.  And, I am not a crier, but this is different and it is so tragic and very upsetting.  I am very glad that I went to see her and that I got to tell her that I loved her and say goodbye.  A lot of people don’t get that chance, so I should consider myself very lucky.  I will say that I have the best friends and family who have emailed, called, texted, etc… to see me and my family were doing.  Jeremy’s mom came over and bought me beautiful roses and my favorite candy to cheer me up.  Poor Jeremy, he just sits and listens and gives me lots of hugs.  Today has been much better, I just have to stay busy… which is why we need to make a wreath!

Happy Birthday to my sister, Allison.  It was yesterday, but I didn’t blog yesterday, so here ya go!  Hope you had a great day :)

Off to church, Jason Whitten is going to speak.  I like to think we are friends because we ate at the same restaurant a few months ago.  Jeremy even crossed paths with him… we are practically best friends, right?

Monday, February 15, 2010


Saturday was the day the I felt last night, Sunday, while I tried to get up from the couch.  Apparently, my body has a slight delay in soreness.  I woke up early and went to an abs class and a master step class.  It was amazing.  I quickly went home to rinse off and bundle up and we headed out to the Ft. Worth Urban Challenge.  I don’t think I was fully prepared for this.  The clues were hard and we, Jeremy, myself, Staci, Brad, and Brad’s parents, were ALL googling and searching on our phones and using Brad’s GPS.  There was a little math involved and I got that problem right!  Woohoo!  There were 13 clues/places we had to go and a final clue that lead us to the finish line.  It took us about 2 minutes shy of 4, yes…FOUR, hours.  So after about 200 google searches, 2 bus ride, 6 miles, 14 places around Ft. Worth, a lot of stairs climbed in the wrong building (sabotage… not kidding), my letter flying in the middle of the street and trying not to get hit by a car chasing it, a glass of wine, and a kiss later; we completed.  We didn’t even get the top 25, but only be a few minutes.  Not too shabby for our first time.
IMG_2306 IMG_2307 IMG_2308 IMG_2309 IMG_2310 IMG_2311
That last one is super dark, sorry.

Valentine’s Day was pretty good.  Jeremy and I didn’t really do anything but get cards that we have yet to fill out.  Jen and Brad hosted the pizza lunch and it was delish!
DSCF3120 DSCF3121 DSCF3122 DSCF3123 DSCF3125 DSCF3127 DSCF3128 DSCF3130 DSCF3131 DSCF3133 DSCF3135

Anyone else watching the Olympics?  Pretty fun so far.  The skating is crazy; I just can’t stop thinking at how bad their backs must hurt because they are always bent over.  But, I guess they are used to it.

Take a short trip to California Wednesday night to see my Aunt.  I am glad that I get to see her, but not happy about the situation.  This is a trip that we are doing very short notice, so I just happy that I am about to get away from class.  I am going to be missing the Probability Carnival that I put together for my students and other classes, but I will see their projects complete before I leave.  My students are so excited about their hard work and getting to host the carnival for the rest of the school, so it should be a great time for them. 

Off to eat dinner with Jeremy’s parents and his sister, who is in town this week.  I LOVE our families! :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day

Jeremy woke up at about 7am and complained how cold it was in our house.  I get really hot at night, so I didn’t really notice much.  When he tried to turn on the news and the TV wouldn’t come on, things started clicking.  Conclusion: Emily didn’t turn the air down to 63 degrees… our house lost power at 2am; awesome.  And, our front tree shed a few layers and we have LARGE branches all in our yard.  Very sad.  We left the house at 10am and headed to his parents to hang out with his mom and shower/get warm.  We (actually just Jeremy, I could sit and read or relax for way longer than him) were getting stir crazy so we ran to Weir’s to get a chair that his mom bought and while they were getting it ready we shopped in their Country Shop.  ADORABLE!  My new favorite place.  GREAT items and WONDERFUL prices!  Here is what I got:
DSCF3114 DSCF3119
Remember how I want to redo my dining room table?  I only want to keep the gold chargers and my sister, Allison, said to do a white and gold… very simple.  I followed her rules… somewhat.  I am putting the adorable plates on the wall (we have a plate holder stand thingy), and I need another larger plate for the center.  I am moving my wedding plates to inside the China cabinet.  I loved the birds and had to get them.  For under 10 bucks for all 3, who could say no?!  Not us!  Anyways, this will be a work in progress.  I tend to have something in mind and then never get anything until I find that one particular thing that I have no idea if it is even out there.

On our way to Weir’s we made a pit stop at the Rack; the chair wasn’t ready yet… so why not?  Not sure what my deal is with coats, but I got another one.  It was only $25!  I couldn’t say no.  It was talking to me about how she wanted to be with my other coats in the closet and I didn’t want to keep friends apart, so I bought it.  I have a kind heart, what can I say?
So, power is back on.  We are warm in bed.  Tomorrow we have the outdoor race and there is still almost a foot of snow on the ground.  Should be interesting trying to complete a race with 10 layers, boots, gloves, and a backpack.  Can’t wait.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A walk in his shoes

This morning we woke up to beautiful snow, thank you random Texas weather.  You never fail to surprise me.  All day my students were asking me if school was going to get out early… no, we will be here until 3:15.  And, no, I will not let you go outside in my class and get cold and wet; you can go outside at 3:15.  Can you tell I had that conversation more than once?  We were told to leave as soon as we could because the weather was getting worse.  My principal was getting snow off everyone’s car and thankfully he was still out there when I left work.  Poor Jetty, she isn’t made for this.  We got a little stuck in the snow and Mr. Russell and a student kindly helped give Jetty a push or 30 until we got on our merry way.  Needless to say, my gym class is a no go.
DSCF3097 DSCF3100 DSCF3103 DSCF3104 DSCF3106
Why the title to this post?  Well, I decided to wear slip on shoes this morning that you don’t wear socks with.  Smart, I know.  It actually wasn’t bad at all.. they were pretty water resistant.  When I got home I put on warm socks and looked through my closet for boots to wear outside to take pictures.  Well, I found these; Jeremy’s motorcycle boots.  Only about a foot too big, but they did the trick.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sweet Summer

Monday starts our pool renovation.  We are thrilled!  I can’t wait to see the final results, but there are still things we need to figure out.  Do we want two spill-ways or  waterfall?  What color tile? Stamped concrete or keep what we have?  So many choices.  If it wasn’t 2 degrees outside I would take some pictures and post our befores… but LOST is on and I have a blanket.  Another time.

Saturday Jeremy, Brad, Staci, and I are participating in the Ft. Worth Urban Challenge.  It is like survivor, but hopefully fun!  I am a wee bit nervous because I hate running and it is going to cold as crap out there.  I just want to finish the race… not trying to win the gold, just cross the dang line.  You have to take pictures at every stop so I will be able to post about the race.  Hope it is fun!

Any big plans for Valentine’s Day?  We are going to Jen’s for our family tradition of home-made pizza.  YUM!
BOSTON PIZZA INTERNATIONAL INC. - Valentine's Day Fundraiser

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Sunday

  Not going to lie, but I don't care at all about this game.  We don't even have plans to go anywhere and watch it.  That doesn't bother me a bit.  Here is my plan for the day (I just need to let Jeremy know that it is his plan too).

  • Work Out (I can’t stop eating)
  • Shower and then hopefully take a nice little nap
  • Try to finish book 10, which is not my favorite so far…
  • Laundry (suckage)
  • Nordstrom’s Rack… Jeremy wants to look for a coat and I have no problem going there!
  • Din-Din
  • PJ’s
  • Watch the game while reading/craigslisting/blogging/thinking of how I can do a probability project with my students next week/basically not watching the game at all

Does my day sound as not very exciting as anyone else’s?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Blog Project

I have a blog project in mind. I am going to make a rather large entry of the before/during/after pictures of remodeling our house. Maybe not the during because that would take forever! Yikes... I just remembered that all of our pictures are on our old computer and I want to do this blog on the new one because of the blog editor. It makes blogging with pictures so much easier. This might be a bigger task that I originally thought. My idea is to make this blog and then submit my post to Better After and DIY. What do you think? I don't want hate comments, so that makes me nervous. But Jeremy and I (and our families and friends!) worked hard on our house and are very proud that we did everything but scrape the ceilings ourselves!

Okay, off to a staff meeting and then to watch my students play basketball. And, a student just came in and gave me a tootsie roll. Made my day!