Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Smurf Like

Opposite of smurf really.  I promised my students that if they all passed TAKS I would color part of my hair blue.  Well, they did it!  So… here is the result.  FYI, I bought the spray in kind at Sally’s and it washed right away.  Thank God!  It was not a good look on me.   Here are the during and after pictures.  It was PRETTY blue, don’t you think?!
IMG_2409 IMG_2410 IMG_2414

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bad Blogger

I know I have not blogged as often as I should be or as often as I would life to.  Life just gets busy.  Here are my 10 quick updates on life.  I will get back to normal blogging soon!

1.) Summer vacation starts this Saturday!  I loved my students this year, but I love the fact that next week at this time I will not have to go to work the next morning! :)

2.) ALL of my students passed the math TAKS.  Yes, ALL!  This is a first for me and I am really excited.  I had a little over 130 students take it and we pulled it off!  Which means, I have to dye part of my hair blue.  Pictures to come….

3.) My friend from work is 7 months pregnant and needs to make window treatments for her nursery and redo some chairs… so, I am going to help.  Crafty summer, coming up!

4.) I am on book 14 out of the 15 book series that I have been trying to read before summer.  Janet Evanovich releases a new book a summer (or so I’m told), so I want to be ready for the 16th to come out.  But, I am really getting tired of reading the same type of book over and over.  Oh well, they are still funny.

5.) I am branching out and challenging myself and I signed up to be a consultant for a brand new handbag/jewelry line.  I am really excited!  I love every single piece and I get to host parties.  Sounds perfect to me :)

6.) Sadly, I am running out of updates.  Our lives aren’t that boring, I swear.

7.) Ummm… I got a new pair of workout capris from Lucy!  If you know me, you know that I could buy practically every piece in that store; if only I were a millionaire.  They are incredibly comfortable and have passed up my Zella pair to be my new favorite.  And yes, I rank my favorite workout pants, jeans, sweaters, etc.  Who doesn’t?

8.) Did I mention that summer starts Saturday?  If not… summer starts Saturday!

9.) My sisters, mom, and I had our Mother’s Day celebration yesterday.  We ate a delish lunch and got pedicures together.  We had planned on getting facials and a massage but they had to cancel our appointment because someone quit.  Not our problem!  Hire someone else :(

Okay.  I am going to have to stop at 9.  I was struggling to think of the last 7.

Normal posts with pictures soon!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Horchow Love

Does anyone else get the daily emails from Horchow?  I love everything and wish I was a billionaire and could decorate my entire house from Horchow, but sadness…. I can’t!  Here are some fun things I found on sale.  Just a quick scroll though, I could spend hours looking at the sale items.
HC-1RFZ_mt  HCF5117_mt HC-28JT_mtHCH4E5M_mtHC-106H_mt HCH3N7Z_mt  HCH3YS8_mt  HCH4LFD_mtHCH45LL_mtHCH3VBW_mt HCH4Z6X_mj HCH32KN_mt 
Dear Horchow, please send me all of the above.            Love, Emily

Sunday, May 9, 2010

3 Day Weekend

Usually when people have a 3-day weekend it is an extra day to sleep in and relax.  Yeah… not me.  I took Friday off to partake in a garage sale.  Friday I was there from 6:45am to 4:00pm…. yikes.  Plus, I was slightly sick and I got way worse from the end, to the point that I went home, showered, and was in bed for the rest of the night.  Romantic night, I know.  Anywhom, everything that didn’t sell we went through and put into 3 stacks: 1)trash 2)Goodwill 3)Cornerstone.  Cornerstone is a pretty amazing place and I really want to go to their thrift store.  It sounds pretty amazing! 
IMG_2399 IMG_2401 IMG_2402
You can’t see all of the things, there was way too many.  There was enough clothes to open a Dillards in the garage…. ridiculous.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Mother’s Day!  We had a great time with both of our families!!!

Hopefully, I will finish my chairs next week.  I didn’t have much spare time this weekend.  But, they are looking purrty!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beans and Butterflies

This weekend was a fun filled weekend with lots of friends and lots of laughs!  Plus… I did some crafting!  I found a tutorial about making a wreath on Craft Envy and decided to give a whirl.

Here is what I bought: lima beans (cheap!), Styrofoam wreath, twine, fake butterflies, and white spray paint.  I got everything from Michael’s except for the lima beans.  Side note:  Look what friend I got there too.
And… I liked the glossy white so much I changed this old friend, again!
DSCF3262 DSCF3377

Back to the wreath!  Staci, my friend that I always manage to talk into crafting with me, decided to use the glass beads (used to fill vases and stuff… I don’t know the technical name) instead of beans, and she used ribbon and flowers for her accents.  Here is our set up.  Candy is a MUST!!!

Our first step… glue, glue, glue, and glue!  I glued the whole front and side of the wreath with beans.  Side note, try not to burn yourself multiple times.  Words will fly out of your mouth so fast you won’t have a chance to stop it.

DSCF3362 DSCF3363

We left a few inches without beans/beads so that we could add the twine/ribbon.  Once we finished that we primed Staci’s and then spray painted both of ours glossy white.  We did a couple coats, but I don’t mind the green showing a little bit.  Just my personal opinion.

DSCF3366 DSCF3367

Lastly, we glued on our twine/ribbon in the empty space.  Then, I placed the butterflies!  Done!! :)  How easy was that?!  Now I have a fun and cheap summer-time wreath. DSCF3368 DSCF3370

And, here is the final result on my door.  Loves it!!! DSCF3371
What do you think?!