Saturday, June 27, 2009


We leave for the cruise tomorrow!!! We are so excited!!! I think I have talked to Staci every day for the last week about what to pack. But we are almost done and pretty soon it will be 6am and we will be on the road. So, I will chat with ya next week and post some fun pictures! Bye!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It is so close!

We leave for the cruise on Sunday and I am soooo excited! I am having a wee bit of packing anxiety... you should see my room. There are stacks of clothes all around with shoes and jewelery too. And, I haven't even started Jer's stuff! Yikes!! I hope there isn't a luggage limit or I might have to do some sneaky tactics to get all my gear on board! Do you think 10 dresses, 5 nice shorts, about 10 tops, and then lounge wear is too much for 7 days?! hahaha.... I still need to pack for working out and stuff. Oh boy, I think I have a packing disease. Jeremy is already not super excited about the stacks on the floor; I think he might realize that it means he is going to have less space for his stuff?! Oh well!

Anyone watch Part 1 of the RHNJ Reunion show? I was disappointed, it wasn't super interesting; actually it was very strange at times. I didn't get what the deal was with the mafia and Carolina and Dina crying and getting upset. Danielle saying that her only surgeries were on her boobs and lips.... uh yeah, no way. Your face is tighter than my size too small shorts I got last year. Her eyebrows are about 5 feet away from her eyes and I don't think that is natural. Teresa sounded like an idiot yesterday and I am glad that Andy said something about her husbands remarks being offensive. I HIGHLY doubt that everyone in NJ says homophobic remarks, that doesn't sound right. Do I think her hubby is homophobic? Probably not, but it wasn't exactly PC to say those things. Nothing else exciting went on. Hopefully Part Dos will be more interesting.

I am super pumped that First 48 is back on. Please tell me that you watch this show! These detectives are tricky tricky and I love it! I am watching a new one on DVR right now and this young girl, who looks like a normal gal, is lying her butt off and I am cracking up because she is just getting caught in lie after lie. What bothers me the most about her is that she is using double negatives in her sentences. PROPER ENGLISH PLEASE!!! Not only do you sound like a complete moron when you say "I don't know nuthin" but you also sound like a shit-kicker. Just my opinion, and I am willing to be a lot of others' too.

Ice Age 3 is coming out soon!!! YEAH YEAH YEAH!! Cannot wait!

Okay off to finish the laundry, it never ends.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cabin Red

Here are a few updated pictures of the guest bedroom. Isn't about 1,000X better than the blue?! We still have a few touch up paint spots to do for the crown molding. That is pretty much it for that room. Jeremy and I decided that we are done with house projects for the summer. We are worn out from remodeling constantly since we bought the house in August. There are a few more things to buy for the master bathroom, but it isn't anything huge to do. I can't wait to just relax!!

What did you think of RHNJ Finale? I thought it was okay, it wasn't the best thing ever. But very entertaining! I am ready for the reunion, those are always my favorite.

Another exciting thing happened yesterday. Jeremy asked me to get him a BOOK! Woohoo!! Perhaps I have turned him into a little book worm. So, I ran over to Barnes and Noble after the gym and bought him the book... I know, I am so sweet. He is also listening to a book on CD during his drive to and from work. Hello change!! I am pretty pumped that now when I want to read he will be all for it and want to read his book too.... instead of watching UFC or just falling asleep after reading one page. He even said he wanted to get a library card! The surprises keep flowing out of his mouth!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Book Worm

Can I start by saying that we are watching Weeds right now and Jeremy is dying laughing; like veins popping out of his face. And, I don't find this show all that funny. I am not sure I even like this show. What a horrible mother, awful really. So, we are still undecided.

We had a great weekend! Friday night we hung out with my dad which was a lot of fun. My mom was hanging out with Allison and Bella, so we took my dad to dinner. Then on Saturday we put the crown molding up in the guest bedroom, we have to finish it tomorrow and I will then post pictures, and then we went to Jessalyn and Brian's wedding. Here is a picture of the 4 of us and then a picture of me feeding a HUGE duck chips outside! Friendly fellow :)

On Sunday we had friends and family over for a BBQ/Pool party. Lots of fun!! The guys played a lot of pool volleyball and basketball. No serious injuries, only a slight nose bleed from Randall. Not sure how it happened, but oh well. We had a great time! Bella and John came to hang out. John like the water, Bella... not so much. John started crawling too! I get to babysit Bella all day on Thursday and then I am babysitting John for a coupe of hours on Friday. Here are pic of the cutest babies ever!

The cruise is coming up very quickly!! So, I ran and got three books from Half Price to keep my busy for the drive and the lounging. I didn't want to bring any library books with me, so I got a new series. Get ready for it.... Harry Potter! hahaha.. I am 14 yet again! But I figure they are going to be quick fun reads. I read the first one but that was it. We shall see. I am currently reading My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. It is good so far. I just read her book, Change of Heart.... great book, kind of like Green Mile, but still good. I also read a book called Random Acts of Heroic Love about a week ago and it was really interesting. I cannot wait for James Patterson's 8th book of the Women's Murder Club to get back to the good old library! There is a massive hold, so I am just waiting ever so non-patiently!

Any good books that I should read?!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

No power = Polyvore love

Thank you Celice for telling me about! What a fun site!! You can create all sorts of sets and then post them on your blog or just save them for later use. Since our power has been out since last night (this storm is crazy!) I packed my food I just bought yesterday and came to my mom's to store our food and use the internet. I have been on polyvore ever since! So this is my first creation. Don't diss it, that is mean and I am just brand new at this. Plus I don't exactly know what I am doing just yet. This would be the patio that I would pick if I had a lot of money and Jeremy would let me redo it. I love, love, love the rug and then I would use those fabrics to make pillows or just reupholster some of the chairs. Everything else is just fun stuff! Okay off to make another room. What else am I going to do?! Buddy is hiding so I am all by myself :(

And thanks to everyone for saying nice things about my new and improved wall colors in my guest room! Hopefully this storm passes and I can open my garage to get the trim out to paint for the crown molding. Saturday might not be so easy of a deadline now!

So I am thinking possibly next Saturday for the headboards?! We are going out of town on the 28th, so that cancels out the next two Saturdays after that. That would give us June 20th or we could do July. What do you think? Here are some easier looking headboards and some fun fabric ideas! I don't know what colors you want, but you get the drift. Do we think we can do the nail heads around the headboard? I want to!! I think I am going to go with a design like the top right. Loving that one.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Talking Walls

Yesterday morning I came home from my workout class and decided to spray paint a few things that I have but wanted in a different color. I have to do another coat and then I will show ya with pictures. While I was doing that I thought to myself, why not re-paint the guest bedroom?! I could NOT take that blue paint anymore and either could my wall. I would walk by the room and they would say "paint me!! I am ugly... help me!!" When your walls talk, you had better listen. They could start to haunt you... true story.

So this is the before look, please try not to gag, I know it is hard.

It took me TWO hours to prep the room and take the furniture, that I could, out. This was not a happy time for me. Words came out of my mouth that rhyme with shmit, darn it, and duck. You get the picture. And I did everything by MYSELF! My mom called and asked what I was doing and I said painting, and proceeded to laugh and then call me a ball buster. Now, in many instances that could very well be a true statement, but not this time! Jeremy didn't help at ALL and I don't have balls, as we have read in a previous blog. So no ball buster for me, not this time at least! Here is what took me hours. That damn TV was heavy!!

Lowes time! Took another hour to get the right paint, shoot me. I hate picking out paint colors. I decided to do an accent wall of a deep red that matches our bedding and then the other walls are an off white that has a pearlized paint on top of the base color. Now... here is the kicker. Did I know that the Valspar Brilliant Base color and the Metallic (the pearlized stuff) costs a lot more?! No way Jose, but I realized that when I checked out. What can ya do?! It was mixed and ready to go. So, sorry Jeremy this was not a 50 buck re-do.....

Back to finish taping and then I realized that I cannot find the handle for the rollers, a must have when painting. So I am highly annoyed that I have to go back to the freaking store to get two 3 dollar items. Home Depot was about 1/2 a mile closer, so they got lucky and got my business. You are welcome for the 7 dollars minus tax.

Home sweet freaking home. Fast forward 4 more hours and there is a primer on the accent wall, and two base coats on the other walls, and one top coat too. I was exhausted!! Today after the gym I came home and did another coat of the top coat on the three walls and did the first coat of the red on the accent wall. I ran out of red, I only got a f-ing quart... thank you Lowes lady for lying when you said that would be plenty!! So after a meeting at 3 I am going back to get more paint and do another coat on that wall. My goal is to have everything done, including crown molding, by Saturday. I think this is very do-able. Hell, I already did 80% of the work! Here it is so far... remember not complete!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

my bad

I forgot to post pics of the new windows and trim in the bathroom. We are so close to being done! Ignore the flowers... they were from before.

You like?!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Queen B

This is going to be a long post. Kind of like the hate emails that I used to get from parents and I would just skim the email and pray that at the end of the 10 paragrapher there wouldn't be a request to contact them back. I would rather eat cow balls, thank you. Hopefully, you don't feel the same way reading this, but it is going to be long one.

-Side note- Jeremy just kicked me out of the bedroom. He said either the TV or the computer, not both (he is headed to bed). So I picked the laptop so I could blog. Three minutes later he turned over and said "are you serious?!?" And I am now in the living room typing AND watching the TV. His loss!

Memorial weekend was a ton of fun! Staci and Brad invited us to the lake house, so of course we got our watermelon and headed out! It was raining off and on, so we weren't out on the lake all too much. But we had a great time! Sadly, I had to work on Monday because it was our bad weather make up day. Don't feel too bad for me though, I am out for summer!! Friday was our last day for the students and we turned in our keys on Saturday morning, literally I was done at 8:05am! I love teaching, but I LOVE me some summer! I think I might start tutoring a few students from a different district, so that will be good for me. Who doesn't love spending money?!

Why the title of the post?! Please, let me explain. Sunday we had some friends over to play pool volleyball and to just hang out by the pool. By the way, Angela hit me in the face Meet the Focker style with the ball. My sunglasses were almost implanted in my face because of the force of the hit. I don't know how my nose didn't break, again. And, she was on MY team!!! Anywhom, my fingers were starting to prune so it was time to get out and work on getting dark, so I took my towel and wrapped up and I instantly felt a little sting on my back. I threw the towel off, but I didn't see anything fly away. I asked Angela if it looked like something bit me; she said it looked like a mosquito bite. Now, I get mosquito bites on a VERY regular basis and I haven't had one that stung... but they could be mutating because of the economy. You never know. Here is where this mosquito bite gets even more different from the regulars, it stung for a few days and was getting dark red and just strange! I came to the conclusion that this mosquito was actually a BEE! AND... it's freaking stinger was still IN my back! No freaking wonder it wouldn't stop stinging. Thankfully I was hanging out with Staci tonight watching SYTYCD, we will discuss later, and she acted like my nurse and got the poison out of my back! I will update on if I have to get surgery later this week.

So You Think You Can Dance; I love this show, always have, always will. But they made a HUGE mistake tonight and cut Natalie!! I loved her and I wish they would have picked her last season, although Katie turned out to be great. I just couldn't believe it! They should have made her 'dance for her life'. Oh well, I am ready for next season to watch that 17 year old from last week. Watching this show makes me realize how out of shape I am, and I wish I had danced my whole life so I could have an amazing body. Oh well, I would rather eat my baked cheetos and work out for hours and still be a lard-ass. Oh wait, that is me now... check that off the list of To-Do!

Real Housewives of New Jersey.... interesting group of gals, aren't they? I am loving Caroline, isn't that her name?! Her kids crack me up!! Teresa's girls are adorable, but they might grow up to be a tad bratty. Not sure what gave it away, could be the moving into the new house scene. Tell me you watched this! Plastic Face is strange, her kids look nothing like her.... I wonder what she would look like now if she didn't re-do her face.

I am hoping to make some money this weekend, we are having a garage sale. I have no idea how we have so much stuff. We had two garage sales last year, but I think that was more because we got a lot of great gifts for the wedding. We don't have NEARLY as much to put in the sale as we did before. It is just a lot of clothing, decor, bathroom stuff... just random! It will be great spending money for our cruise! Which, we leave for on the 28th!! SO EXCITED!

Onto my last topic! When do we want to get together to make our upholstered headboards?! On the amazing blog, Pink Wallpaper, she gives us instructions that seem super easy. Here is what she has on her blog:

- wood
- foam
- batting
- fabric
- saw (if you are going to cut it yourself)
- staple gun (the kind you plug in is a must)

Getting Started:
-First you are going to need to decide on the shape of the headboard, if you are going out on a limb, you might want to make a template so you have a pattern to use when you are cutting the wood....we didn't want to take chances so we stuck w/a nice rectangle!

-Next determine the size of the headboard; the width should be a tad bit wider then your mattress and the height is totally up to you.....

-Now that you have the shape and size, it's time to purchase the wood...we used MDF, but plywood would be fine too. You want to make sure that the wood is at least a 1/4" thick.
*if you stuck w/ the rectangle shape, get them to cut it right there (make sure to take the scrap wood, it will work for your legs).

-Okay, now it's time for the is my money saving tip, use one of those egg crates for beds for the saves a lot of money. if you don't want to save money, you can go and get foam cut (2" thick is what they usually use). You will also need batting, it looks like gauze and is in the quilting section of the stores (remember to get enough to be able to wrap it around the headboard)....if it helps we got all of this stuff at walmart.

-Fabric is the next step, make sure that you get enough to wrap around the back of the board and for the legs (this gives a more 'professional look')...i got 3 yds for my king.

-Putting it all together: Start w/ the wood on the bottom, then add your foam (if you are using an egg crate, make sure that the smooth side is facing up), next is the batting, finally the fabric...
*note to self: make sure that the foam, batting, and fabric wrap around the back and sides (probably about 6")
**at this point, i got out the iron and ironed my fabric to make sure they weren't any creases showing.

-Now, you are going to need to flip the headboard over and start stapling the layers down onto the wood...we stapled four ones first and then looked to make sure the fabric was sitting right before securing the whole thing in will want to keep smoothing your hand over the face of the fabric as you staple.
*the corners can be tricky...leave this task to the anal one in the just have to keep tucking until you get a nice clean edge.

-Last step, attach the legs....we wrapped them in fabric and stapled the back...looks very nice to have them covered vs. seeing raw wood. We used flush mounting hardware to attach the headboard to our frame.

**Voila** a beautiful headboard for under $50. (well, that's if your fabric doesn't break the bank)....hope this helps for any DIY'ers out there!!

Ladies, when do you want to get together to try this?!!? I am so excited!! It will go with my soon to be painted, again, guest bedroom :) This was Jer's reaction to me wanting to paint that room, "Mark my words, I will NOT help you!" This was my mature response, "Turd."

Anyone still there?! Hope you made it and you don't want to eat cow balls, or any balls for that matter.