Friday, November 27, 2009

No More Pumpkins

Thanksgiving was a success!! It was the first time to host a holiday at our house and it was a lot of fun!! Thanks to Allison and my mom for helping get things ready. Everyone brought food, we have half of it in our fridge right now, but I am still full! Here are some pre-food pictures. The tables are not complete, but you get the picture.

I didn't take pictures during Thanksgiving :( I am awful at remembering to do this. Jeremy did take one when John sat in my lap and we read a numbers book. So fun! The babies were adorable, as always!

Good bye pumpkins...hello Christmas decor!!

Before Jeremy went to play golf, he got in the attic and took out all of our Christmas stuff.... for being in the house a little over a year, we sure did get a lot of Christmas decor.

So I did basically all of the decorating by myself... took FOREVER! My hands are bit scratched, as are my itchy arms from the tree. BUT, I got the bulk of it done. Here are some pictures of the start of all the areas I decorated. Jeremy was pretty pumped that he only had to help clean up and put the empty tubs in the attic. Hard life he leads. And, yes, that is him playing Wii in one of the pictures. I promise he will be 26 in less than a month.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

'I'm thankful for yams... comfort food"

Dexter is getting prettttty good. Does anyone else watch this show? I am just ready for him to end Trinity.... scary guy. Although, I am NOT liking the neighbor at all. What a CRAZY episode!!!!!

On a lighter note, I finished book four of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evonavich. HILARIOUS! I look like an idiot laughing while I am reading at the gym on the cardio machines. I think people look at me weird and it makes me laugh even more trying not to. Like those nervous laughter fits. Anywhom, very entertaining series. But, I am taking a break to read a book from the Alex Cross series. Can't read all the Stephanie Plum books at once.

Did anyone go see New Moon? I didn't see Twilight until it was out on video and I was really disappointed. Books are usually 1,000X better than the movies, but I was hoping that it would measure up somewhat. I cannot stand Bella in the movie, good gosh, fire her please. She drives me crazy. The books were great so I don't know if I want to see the movie at all. But, I am sure I will rent it when it comes out on video. Or... go if someone invites me!!

Side note: I just now looked down and realized that I wore my necklace backwards all day and no one bothered to tell me. Thanks people, you're the best.

Two Christmas gifts completed, 12 more to go. Yikes. Maybe I can order everything else online so I don't have to run from store to store to store.

That was our home all done up last year..... wait.........

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Clever title

Can I start out by saying that the Cowboys are playing like poop right now? And, quite the low scoring game; 3-0 and in the 3rd. Good thing I am not a hardcore fan and I won't lose any sleep if they don't win.

Remember how I was searching high and low for a new cream colored coat? Well, if I didn't mention it before, sorry. Nordstrom was having their grand sale this past week and I thought maybe they will have a coat for a great deal. I wanted to keep it around $100, high hopes, I know. So, I was looking all around and I couldn't find anything at all. Then, I thought, 'what about the junior area?!' What do ya know?! They had a GREAT coat for an amazing DEAL! $52!!

If you are feeling generous you can buy me another one in 'pepper'. Can't wait to wear my new coat! Good old Texas weather, it was 70 degrees this week.

I am counting down the days until Thanksgiving break; only 7 more work days to go. I am in need of a break from work, I love it, but I love breaks too. We are having Thanksgiving at our house this year and I am making the ham. Oh boy. Should be interesting! I am just praying that it is edible. Any great ham recipes?! Or dips? Anything? Lets be perfectly honest, I am only concerned about mashed potatoes. My parents are bringing those bad boys... CAN'T wait for that! Mmmmmm...

If you are in need of some new sneakers, Asics to be precise, run to Kohls. I usually get a pair of Asics a year to only wear to my step classes (I am very anal about this) and I get them for about $70 at Academy. They are GREAT shoes, very comfortable and they last a long time. A lot of the ladies in my class wear the same ones. Anywhom, I saw in the paper that Kohls had them on sale and I then recalled the 30% off coupon I had! Lucky day!! I got a new pair for $35! I think that is quite impressive :)

Off to finish this boring game. I keep hearing Jeremy say sarcastic comments to the tv. I think it is really helping the Boys out, they can hear him you know.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Why oh Why?

I may sound dramatic, but very random things happen to me and I just can't help to think, why?...why?...why? Yesterday Stefanie and I were helping Staci make a diaper cake, which turned out SUPER cute but I can't post pictures until next weekend to keep the baby name a secret, AND right beneath my throat started hurting.. like right around my collar bone area. Strange? Very. So, I just ignored it thinking it would go away. Well, a few hours passed and Allison, Tyler, and Bella were over watching the Cowboys game and I was laughing a lot and that was killing me! Of course, Allison being a concerned sister laughed when I would laugh and then immediately say that it hurt... so her laughing at me in pain made me laugh a little more. Vicious cycle.

After they went home it got pretty ugly. Jeremy didn't fully believe the pain until I was teary-eyed every couple minutes because it was just killing me. Final straw was when I was trying to change into a pj top and I tried to lift my left arm and it hurt so bad that I started crying and Jeremy had to help me change. Seriously?? Has this happened to anyone else?! My mom kept calling to make sure I was alive, which I was, thankfully.

I had to call into work today and I went to the doctor first thing in the morning. Apparently, there is a muscle in front of the neck and goes down your chest (no idea what it is called) and I pulled it severely. How? Making a diaper cake is my guess. Pretty strenuous activity. So I am on muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory, and I have to get massages. Darn the luck on that last part!

Other than that, I had a GREAT weekend! Hope to post pictures in a wee bit :)

Watch out for these!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Re-new after 2 years?!

I always tell Jeremy that I wish we could get married again and he responds with you are crazy. I love weddings, everything about them! Jeremy does not have that same feeling apparently. Well, here are some of my favorite pictures of everything wedding. Couldn't tell you a bit about these pictures, but they are beautimous!

Of course I added pictures of my wedding because, well, I think it was perfection! haha

Want a wedding planner?!?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Spare Change?

We might need your change sent our way. I already know that we aren't getting carpet until next year (tear) and I was becoming okay with that. You just don't know how very badly I would like new carpet. Well, today I went to go finish up some laundry and wouldn't ya know that our frappin' dryer was on, but not drying. Interesting, I didn't know that it had the setting: "keep very damp", but apparently it does. Jeremy and I undid everything and cleaned out the vents and waited a while and then put together and it worked. Although, we have noticed that recently our dryer hasn't been working grand. Hopefully, it doesn't continue to break and we don't have to buy a new one. BUT, just in case you have one of these spare babies, I will take the dryer (or the set) off your hands. Not a problem. And, I wouldn't mind re-doing my laundry room to look like any of these. Then maybe I would actually enjoy some tiny part of the laundry process.

Ever feel like you are meant to do something different than you are at the moment? Jeremy and I have been feeling that way for a while, we just need to figure out our niche. We both LOVE our jobs, but something is missing..... we shall see.