Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No AC today...

I went to my Master Step class tonight and there wasn't an AC in the room and my face now looks like I painted it in different shades of maroon. Lovely! But at least I was sweating my fat A off!

The trim along the window is up and it looks great!!! Although, we still need to caulk and paint the inside of the window area. But we are on the home-stretch. I will post pictures this weekend.

Okay funny story! Today in one my class I was telling my students that once we finished grading our reviews and going over any questions about the final (hello we are done Friday, YEAH!!!) we were going to go outside and hang out since it is so nice out. Well, a student (boy) raised his hands and goes, "Mrs. Denson, do you have balls??". (Like in footballs to play with outside) Umm... I just looked at him and smiled and said no.... and then some students started laughing. So, I just started laughing and his face got red and my class was just dying at this point, so I said "I am sorry, I don't have balls at all, in any sense of the question". Oh man, if you were there you would have laughed.

Wipeout is on right now and I am thinking these people have massive bruises and neck problems, but it is cracking me up! You must watch.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

And how

Only 5 more days of school and I am out for the summer!! I am really excited about having a few months off :) Okay there is much to blog about but it will have to wait for later this week. We just got back from the lake and I am tired and I have to work tomorrow. I know, Memorial Day, but it is our bad weather make-up day. Blah!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

10 days

What a weekend! Can I first just say that we only have two more weeks until summer and I could not be more excited! So much to do!! So anywhom... the windows did not get installed this weekend because it rained all day on Saturday, which was the day we could all get together to do it. Oh well, next weekend. We installed the new faucets and it reallllly completes the sink area! We also got all new oil rubbed bronze accessories, like the tooth brush holder and all that jazz. We liked that but we did not like the towels and rugs that we bought... ughh... so that will be another day of shopping! It is coming along, we are just slowing down because we are honestly just really tired of working on our dang bathroom!

Friday was so much fun for us! We went with Staci and Brad to the Rangers game for Aggie night. No worries, I didn't wear any Aggie attire. Drinking was done by the boys and I mean a lot of it. It was prettttty interesting! Brad said that he would flash the crowd if the guy at bat got a home runner, well luck was not on his side because he hit a home run and up went Brad's shirt! The people behind us were just like umm?!?!? Of course it happened again later on in the game too. Then we all decided to get funnel cake (yum!) but we didn't think about the wind factor. Oops... the people in front of us were covered in our funnel cake after about 4 minutes! Our bad! The Rangers won and we had a lot of fun.. good times indeed.

We were supposed to go take our family pictures with Alana (check her blog, it is great... It is on my blog list too) but since it was pouring down rain all day we moved it to today. Great for me because I got to go to my beloved master step class, which I get annoyed when I miss! I also kicked Jer's butt in Dr. Mario, gotta love our Wii. And we went to go see Wolverine. Not going to lie, I liked that movie! I liked all of the X-Men movies that I saw, but I don't remember much of them. I need to re-watch it. One AWFUL thing happened at the movies though, the lady who sat next to me smelled like poop on a stick. I am not kidding I was gagging and closing my nose the WHOLE movie. I could not get over how awful awful awful she smelled!! Had she not brushed her teeth or showered in the last 3 days?! Not sure, but that is what the problem seemed to be. And she talked to the other girl the whole time. I thought I was going to flip a switch go off on her stinky a$$!! But, I didn't want to get mine kicked so I kept it shut.

Alright, I need to add pictures from this weekend, but I am trying to write this while doing laundry. Can I also add that I don't like The Fashion Show on Bravo?! It is strange and choppy and I have no idea who the people are on it. And, I think the clothes are fugly! I MISS PROJECT RUNWAY!!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I knew it!

Okay I know these are short and silly posts, but I knew Danny was going to get the boot tonight! I just felt it! I think he has gone down in the ranks the past few weeks. I reallllly like Chris or Kris, however you spell it. I thought his K. West song last night was awesome and I want to download it. I hope he wins, but I think Adam will, although I don't understand what kind of music he is going to be making. Rock?? Like Velvet Revolver (isn't that the name of that band??) type?! I dunno... but I think that Arkansas boy will get a deal either way and I am pumped. A new guitar man for me to listen too, Jeremy will be oh so delighted :)

Side-note, our bathroom is coming together! We are doing windows this weekend and I am going to take a pretty much completed bathroom pic and post it. I can't believe we are almost done, I swear it has been over 9 weeks since we started, maybe not, but it feels like it.

Okay off to watch LOST!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Real Housewives of NY Reunion!!!! HOLY CRAPOLA... I love this!! Did anyone else watch this?! Can't wait for Thursday!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Oh happy days...

FINALLY, we got rid of our hellacious Touch phones and got Blackberrys! Praise the Lord, we have working phones! haha.. So far I really like it, but I just got it last night, so I am not super sure on how to do everything. I will have to get used to all of it. Jeremy sweet talked his way into getting us two free months and a great plan. I don't know how he does it, but we get the best deals when he talks to people. But when I try to call they just are like sorry would you like to cancel instead?! Oh well...

Hello... tell me you watched The Real Housewives of New York last night, it was a good one. Not as great as I thought it was going to be, but the previews for the two night Reunion show look AMAZING! I cannnnnnot wait for it to come on and I cannot wait for the New Jersey gals to start. They look pretty vicious =) Also, American Idol last night, not super impressed. We all knew Allison and Adam would do the best this week, they are very rock-ish. Danny was not good in my opinion. Jeremy and I kept looking at each with this OH NO face when he tried to do the Adam high pitch/scream thing. Not happening for Danny. I still think it will be Allison or Kris, even though I like Kris. That is how you spell his name right?

Progress has been made in the bathroom!! Walls are painted, trim is painted, baseboards are up (not touched up paint yet), and mirrors are on the wall! Hallelujah! I think Tyler is going to come over this week to help with the crown molding and then we can finally finish the touch up paint. We are STILL waiting for the windows to come in so we can finish up the tile in that area, hopefully that will happen this weekend or next. I am still undecided on what type of towels and accessories to get. I will keep looking and then fall in love with something and just have to have it. Or I hope that will happen. Here are a few pics:

Nothing else super exciting is going on... summer is almost here, I cannot wait. I love teaching, but I love summers too! I will post pictures of this past weekend with the babies soon. John and Bella are getting so big and they are too cute! That will be a lot of my summer too, playing with the babies!

Okay post again soon.