Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jeremy and I had such a great weekend and not super busy, which is a first. We met friends for dinner and drinks on Friday and then went straight to bed. I couldn't stay up to save my life! Saturday I did my usual workout, and then we cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. It was so hot outside yesterday that I actually laid out and got a little tan. We went to church and ate at Trulucks. I love that place! We sat at the bar for a while and listened to the guy sing piano. He was really funny and had an amazing voice. Some girls that were there just hanging out came up and sang and they were incredible! Made me want to be able to sing even more. Guess who else was there?! Only one of our fav Cowboys, Mr. Jason Witten, was there eating! Jeremy ran into him in the bathroom and I was super jealous. Oh to be a guy at that moment! Strangely, a group of about 8 guys all wearing Cowboys jerseys hung outside the restaurant until they were asked to leave. I wonder how they knew he was there. So we left and we were driving away and a group of drunk 40 year olds on a patio of a different diner threw something at our car. They were doing it to every car that passed. Are you serious?? Could you possibly be more immature than my students? And the answer is, yes. We just couldn't believe it. So, we found the number to Taco Diner and told them about it. Well, that didn't do any good because the manager spoke very broken English. I don't know if she even understood what I was saying. Oh well, I did my part!

Has anyone else read the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich? Hilarious! Although, now I have to read all 15 of them. But they aren't very long, so it shouldn't be a year long read or anything! Reading this got me thinking. I really enjoy series books, some are awful, but usually they are much better. Here are some good ones that you might want to check out.

Who can talk series without talking about Twilight by Stephenie Meyer?? Oh Edward, how I love you. I read these 4 plus the one online in a week. I don't think I accomplished anything, but I believe my time was well spent. Why Jeremy can't be Edward, I don't know. Although Jeremy brought up an interesting point. He said, "Emily, if I was a vampire we could never have kids because technically my equipment is dead." Only Jeremy would say something like that. I looked at him and said, "yeah, still wish you were Edward." Anywhom, I think the first one was the best out of all of them. I reallllly wish she would finish the 5th one, which is the first book but in Edward's perspective.

James Patterson is one of my favorite authors. Quick reads! The Alex Cross series (Cross, Double Cross, and Cross Country) are amazing. I really like Alex, but I wish he would pick a girl already! Maybe this last one will actually last. The Women's Murder Club is better than Cross, I think. There are 8 of them and I have read and loved them all. I didn't watch the TV show, and apparently no one else did because it got cancelled quickly. I am not one for books to turn into shows (but TrueBlood worked!) because I always envision the characters much different and then I get all caught up in the differences. Yikes.

No one said Harry Potter was only for 10 year olds! I have only read 3 of them, but I thought they were really entertaining. I am going to finish the series one day. Not sure when that one day will be, but I will.

Good old Emily Giffin. Something Borrowed and Something Blue were cute reads. I can't say I remember a TON about them because I read them a while ago, but I remember I really liked them!! A girly read every once in a while are always needed. I read Baby Proof too, but I can't remember if that was part of the series or not. I think it was!! But, I could be wrong on that. Oh well, they are three cute books.

I think that is enough books for one morning. Any series or single books that you love??!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

All the Single Ladies

Please tell me that you all watch Glee. It is my new favorite show, although I have quite a few favorites. But, I LOVE this show!! I wish I could sing, oh how I wish I could sing. I would try out for every musical because we all know I love to dance! Oh well, I will just keep blasting Moulin Rouge and other CDs and dance around the house and entertain Jeremy. He does enjoy it even though he says I am weird. But he will smile and laugh at me :)

I wish I had a spare room and could make it into a craft room. I try to craft, I promise I do. I need to start scrapbooking again, I am SO behind it is unreal. But who wouldn't want one of these rooms?!

A girl can dream. Like Jeremy said, 'you can dream about that and I will continue to dream about my muscle car and a garage full of tools'. Do we even speak the same language?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I have found a new love

And it is a home down the street that is our dream home! Jeremy and I could not believe how great it was and how amazing the layout and the details of the home were. Not that we are even looking, we LOVE LOVE LOVE our house, but it is always fun to look at new homes. Ideally, we would stay in our home for another 10 years and then we would buy land and build. Actually, we would want to look for land in about 8 years and start paying that off and then start building a year or so after that. But back to this house! Let me tell you the things that I loved.

Circle drive.... perfect for our fam and friends coming over.

Huge island in the kitchen! The whole kitchen was ideal; I wouldn't change a thing about it.

Master bedroom on the first floor and away from the other bedrooms. The indirect lighting was great. The master bath was loverly, the best part was the shower. No door! You just walk in the doorway to it and then it turns the corner and opens up and has two shower-heads.

The best part was the master closet! You could fit our clothes, our Christmas decor, our couch, and our fridge in there. It was the biggest closet I have ever seen, but it designed perfectly! Tons of different levels of hanging rods, shelving, mirror, drawers... oh I could go on for days!

There were two other bedrooms on the first floor and they were great.

The laundry room was an actual room! Not a closet :) Had granite counters and a sink and lots of storage.

Upstairs had a massive game room with a bar/kitchen area. We could fit our pool table and Jeremy's future arcade tables up there. (He wants to make a few of them). Wouldn't that be so much fun for adults and kids?

THEN... there was a movie room! It was already set up for a projector and everything. Man, we need to win the lottery! haha

Two more bedrooms upstairs with a Jack & Jill bathroom connecting.

What more could you ask for?! GREAT area... amazing area.... perfect area! We would just be down the street from where we are now and we LOVE the area we are in now. The backyard has nothing, just lots of grass. A pool would need to be put in. But heck, at that point whoever buys this house will have lots of money and be able to make the backyard amazing.

We could only dream right?!

Off to watch the Cowboys!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I will be making a post soon friends, very soon. Things have been interesting the past week and I just haven't had the time to really blog. Not to mention I have been staying at my mom's and their laptop is in the shop and I am too lazy to go upstairs. Crisis indeed. Here are a few main points of what in the world is up with me.

I got sick... thanks sinus infection, you are AWESOME! I love having you enter my life every so often.

My wisdom tooth is coming in. And, no, I am not 15. For some reason I don't have bottom wisdom teeth, only top ones. The dentist said not to worry we will pull them later. Later might be here! My jaw has been in pain for 2-3 days now. But it hasn't stopped me from eating, only severe pain would stop me.

Jeremy is in Germany (boo) and I haven't had much contact with him at all (double boo). Good thing he gets home tomorrow!!! VERY excited!

SYTYCD started last night, which means I get to hang out with Staci and her fam while we watch it and pretend to be the judges. It is weird, every season they say it is going to be the best season yet.

My mom took me shopping :)

My dad is helping me put together a surprise for Jer-Jer :)

We did a double step class on Wednesday night since it was not nearly as crowded as usual... LOVED it! But I was trying to stretch my whole left leg while teaching today. My students probably think I am bizarre (even more than they already do).

I got to hang out with my whole fam on Sunday! The babies were adorable! Bella sat and 'talked' to John and he was hilarious and just starred at her. Didn't move a muscle; just looked at her and occasionally at other people to see what we were doing. SO CUTE!

And... tonight is Project Runway AND Real Housewives of Atlanta! Wooot woo! Tomorrow I will not be living at my parents anymore (I know they are crying because I am leaving) and I will be back with my HUBBY!!! YEAH!! :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hellllooooooo Romo!

Allison, Tyler, Jeremy, and I went to the Cowboys game on Saturday night and it was so much fun!! Allison got the tickets from the frapping Jones's themselves... so they were pretttty dang good seats! We were at the 50 yard line and 15 rows up. Mr. Jerry Jones, my new BFF, was in the suite behind us. I snapped a photo of him for proof of my story. We had lots and lots of fun! Here are some pics.

In other news, Jeremy and I bought purchased a Coca-Cola ice chest box thing.. I don't even know how to describe it... for the backyard. It is in pretty good condition, but we bought a little bit of paint to re-paint it and re-surface the inside of it. This is not so much of a 'we' project, but e 'Jer' project. I did basically the whole guest bedroom on my own(I swear I lost 5 pounds just painting... although I gained it right back). I will post pictures when we get it done. Who knows when that will be!

Jeremy is going to Germany this weekend *tear*, so it looks like it is going to be a slumber party at my parents! Woohoo!! Maybe my mom will want to go to Nordstrom Rack. (That was me being sneaky because I know she reads my blog!) Anywhom... off to find something productive (or not) to do before Project Runway!