Wednesday, August 26, 2009

so long pool idea

We were thinking that we would be able to update our pool this winter because it just really needs it. But because of recent events that will just have to take a back seat until next winter. I am not really upset about it, it is a lot of money that we just aren't excited about spending yet.

My iPod has gone crazy; the battery dies randomly and it realllllly annoys me when I am at the gym and it just dies. I need my music!! So, hopefully we can just buy a new battery and be good go. I don't really want to have to buy a new iPod for numerous reasons, I like mine and I don't have all of my music saved because... our freaking laptop went out! Holy moly!! Are you freaking kidding me?! I went to turn it on the other night and it just kept re-starting; even after I shut it. We had to just take the battery out so it would stop. Hopefully my mom's friend can fix it so we don't have to buy another one. But if nothing else I REALLY hope that we can some how get all of the pictures off of it so I don't lose them. I will cry if that happens. So, we might have to buy a new laptop and then I will have to buy PodCopy (if it is even still available) to get the songs off of my barely working iPod in case I need to buy another one of those. PLUS, we are still really wanting to treat ourselves to a new TV for Christmas. Oh yeah, and I pulled an Arlene (my mom) and I ran the front corner of my poor Jetta into our garage siding. To say that Jeremy was not thrilled with me might be an understatement. But he got over it quickly and made fun of me for possibly wanting an SUV later on. We are hoping that we can buff the scratches out and get some paint to repair the really bad scratches. Such is my life... when sh*t hits the fan for other people it hits a propeller for me.

But, I am loving my students so far. I cannot for the life of me get all of their names memorized yet. I have over 130 of them!! My goal is by the end of next week to have their names down... large goal.

AND (last thing, promise) I think I might get my Masters. What do ya think?!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm Alive

Can you tell that I started back to work last week? I was in meetings everyday but one, so it was a busy week of sitting being a tad bored at times, getting my classroom ready, and getting lesson plans done. Ahh... up to my ears in stuff, but I am ready to go for tomorrow and all week! I am excited to meet all my new precious babies! I have letters written to them by my previous students that have tips on how to be successful in my class and they crack me up. Most are really great and then some say stuff like laugh at Mrs. Denson's jokes even if you don't think they are funny (lol... sad) and don't touch her neck! I have a big problem with people touching my neck, I panic. Jeremy thinks it is funny, I don't, it makes me want to cry....and punch him. So, my students found out, I don't remember how, but a lot of letters talked about not touching my neck.

Two important things happened this week though. 1.) Project Runway started... wooooot woo! I was so excited I could barely contain myself! I am glad the girl who got kicked off got kicked off. That was quite the ugly outfit. And onto point 2.) Nordstroms Rack opened!!!! big WOOOOOT WOO!! Jeremy and I actually went the day it opened. We are troopers to say the least. It was a wee bit crowded but there were about 100 people working so we didn't wait in line or anything. I didn't even bother with the clothes, that will have to wait until the crowds clear. There was a line to get into the dressing room, no thanks. Don't worry friends, I found some goodies! I got a pair of sneakers and two more Betsey Johnson necklaces. Recall my random idea to start a collection? Well, we are one pair of earrings and four necklaces in. Perfecto! If I had pictures I would post them, but I don't, so off to bed for me.

Last thing.. True Blood! What in the world is going on?!?!?!?!?!? I hate waiting a week....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Ways Away

The topic of having a baby keeps coming up to me from people at work or the gym or just friends. We aren't planning on having a baby anytime soon, possibly two years. But we are excited for when our day comes to add to our family! I have even made a set for our girl nursery! I don't even want to think about a boy one because I don't think I will have one. A) We already have a girl name that we both love and B) I already have what I want the room to look like... although I am sure that will change in a few years! And, I bet because I am saying all this about a girl I will end of having a boy and we have no name!!! We will just name him Baby Boy Denson. Perfecto!

What do you think? A bit girly huh?! But I like it!! I almost like it for my room! What other colors could I use?? I found that mirror on sale a few weeks ago and even thought of buying it and holding onto it, but Jeremy just starred at me and said I was dumb.

Okay Jer is starting to fall asleep and getting cranky because I am typing. Meanie!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The End

The countdown begins; I have one more week of summer vacation and then back to the real world. Actually, I will be up at school 3 out of the 5 days this week, but not super early or full time, so that is okay. I am ready to get back to school, but I think this will be a more challenging year for that could make it go by really fast or really slow. We shall see!! But, I am pumped to be back with all my co-workers that I love to death and to meet all the precious little (although taller) kiddos!!

This week has been great and sadly I didn't take any pictures and I had my camera with me everyday. I don't get it, I am just so dang lazy. Thursday I babysat Miss Bella and we had a great time! We went to see my mom and her friends for lunch and she was just all smiles and quite the Chatty Cathy. She had some fun at Hobby Lobby looking at the fun jewels and such, although we were a tad hot by this time. Her chubby cheeks were a litttttle red. Then back home to hang out and nap/eat/play for the rest of the day. Although, I was able to make her a fun little bracelet before I left. I played poker on Thursday night with people from work and I actually got second place!! Amazing indeed!! Last time I was out first; quite the improvement.

Friday I hung out with my parents and baby John, who does not stop moving by the way. We went to see both sets of grandparents and he had a grand old time trying to play with everything that was not for him. That kept us quite busy!! Saturday night was Angela's birthday dinner and we went out for drinks afterwards. I had a great time and her friends crack me up. Jeremy stayed home with all the guys and watched the UFC fights (gag)... but I had a lot of fun!

Well it is time for our Sunday night shows!! True Blood, Entourage, and Hung! If only Weeds and Dexter would start up again :) Do you think this is a problem that we watch so many shows on DVR?!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Safe and Sound

And vacation over :(... but we had a wonderful time! Our flights were good, I didn't pass out or cry or throw up, so I think that is a success indeed. Although, on my first flight my friendly neighbor thanked me for taking my anti-anxiety medicine (I only take when flying). I said "well, you are very welcome" and then I thought to myself 'did I just get dissed??' And then I realized that I didn't care either way. He was super nice so I would like to keep him that way. Also, I got to ride Shamu! Heeeey-yo!! Big time! The flights home weren't as wonderful, they weren't bad, but no Shamu. The first flight was a little bit on the bumpy side and we were turning like 75 times and at one point I started getting a tad worked up and while having a death grip on Jeremy's arm I said "what the Hell is going on?!!?!?!". He laughed and said "get your sweaty hands off of me". That is love right there.

The beach was beautiful and we just relaxed and read for hours each day. I only got a little red on the last day, no problemo! And, it is already gone.. perfecto. The second night we went to Hard Rock Casino which has other places to eat and shop and it was a lot of fun! You know me and those dang slots.... but I didn't lose any money this time. =) We also went to Aventura mall to shop around and eat dinner. Holy crapola, that was the biggest mall I have ever been to. There were over 200 stores and I am not talking just random stores, they were all high dollar stores! We went into a lot of them just looking around and I probably couldn't afford the socks that were 95% off! They did have some awesome stores though. The best part was just looking at what people were wearing. Goooooooood golly! It looked as though I was dressed for winter compared to these people and I had a sleeveless shirt and capris on! Some people were wearing bikini tops with shorts on. At the mall?? Seriously? Some looked as though they were about to work at the next corner, if you get my drift. Call me conservative, but I don't really want people to see my whole stomach, ta-tas, and my booty at the mall. Just a slight difference I noticed!

Anywhom, here are some of the pictures from our trip! Glad we went and glad to be sleeping with our contoured pillows again!

I found a magazine that I am going to subscribe to... Do It Yourself. I am sure most of you have seen it and I am the last one, but whatever, I am excited. Now, I just need to remember to do it!