Thursday, December 31, 2009

So Long 2009

The other day I finally bought some Cherry spray paint and re-did the ugly orange bookends that I found at TJ Maxx.  The pictures aren’t coming out lovely, but I am really happy with the results!  It looks so good!!  I think I may spray paint two more items that color to tie in the whole book case.  We shall see!

Staci’s mom (are you singing that song now?!) is giving Staci her piano and bench.  Against Brad’s wishes, we (I am involved in their every decision!) are going to paint/stain the piano and bench.  Are you excited?  We are!!  I think we may add padding and fabric to the bench too.  Fun times ahead!  Here are some ideas.
DSC00484 img_3091

Next time I blog it will be 2010!!  This may be an interesting year for us :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Why don’t I ever use my camera?!

I ask this question on a weekly basis.  The majority of the pictures I use on here are because I steal them from my sisters and friends from facebook.  New Years goal: To take my own pictures!

Here are the very few pictures that I took this week.  Literally… all the pictures I took.  Sad, I know.

Monday I babysat John and he kept me busy the whole time, but I think I might have worn him out a wee bit.  Wouldn’t you know that I didn’t remember to bring my camera?!  Wednesday I babysat Bella for the afternoon and we had a grand old time.  Jeremy came home early and he got to hang out with us!  



I have a video that I want to add, but I don’t know how on this new tool!  It is saying I need a youtube sign in… oh confusion.  I will work on that later.

Here are the very few pictures from Christmas Eve and Day.

IMG_2232 IMG_2233 IMG_2234 IMG_2235 IMG_2236

Can you believe it snowed?!  It was like a mini-mini blizzard in Tejas!  IMG_2237 IMG_2238 IMG_2240

John was still sleeping when I had my camera out for the 5 minutes; but I got a kind of alert picture with Bella!

Last night Brad, Staci, Hillary, Logan, and us went to eat at Rio Mambo (our new fav) and then we did a little Nordstrom Rack shopping.  Jeremy found some AMAZING deals on jeans; I did not.  Although, Staci provided me with quite a bit of entertainment.  Which is mean of me because it was because she was in pain.  She kept saying that it hurt to breathe and laugh and I though oh Lordy…. déjà vu from a month ago!  But, her area of pain was different, so we were in the clear.  She just decided to lay down in the bra section and I couldn’t help but take a picture and laugh.  Such a caring friend.


Okay… Off to watch the Cowboys win!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009



Jeremy and I got a brand spankin’ new laptop from my parents and it has Windows 7.  Well, Allison informed me that I can do all sorts of blog updates with this…. so here we go! 

I haven’t uploaded any new pictures to the new laptop, so sorry about that.  I will do that later after our deep clean of our loverly home.  It is what we do on Saturdays!  FUN!  blah.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas; we did!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Craft, Trauma, and Music

Friday night I decided to try the wreath I posted about last time. Thanks to my sweet students for collecting the 'prickly things' in their yard. They had no idea what I was talking about so I had to show a picture and I got three bags full the next day :). Just one of the many perks of being a teacher to sweet kiddos. This was a very cheap project. I ran to Michael's since I had a half day (woot woo for 2 weeks of vacation!) and got a medium and small sized straw wreath for maybe $3 all together. I bought floral wire for $2. and that was it!

I took off all of the stems, which slightly hurt the hands after a while. Then the directions I read online said that I needed to cut the wire and hot glue the pieces where the stems were. Holy crap-balls, that was taking FOREVER (say it over and over again like Sandlot... it makes more of an impact). So, I literally said 'screw this sh*t' and hot glued the pieces directly to the straw wreath. Seemed to work like a charm and took less than half the time. Perfection.

Then I spray painted a little metallic silver on it and hung it up with red ribbon. Tada! What do ya think?!

After dinner on Friday night we were driving to my parent's house to fix their non-broken TV and on the way we saw something in the middle of the road. I looked and saw that it was a raccoon and it's poor legs were still trying to move but it was hit by another car. Jeremy slammed on his breaks and my hands are immediately covering my eyes and ears, I am screaming, and my knees are to my chest. We did NOT hit Fred, so Jeremy backed up and I am just saying "oh no oh no oh no!!!" Jeremy said that it had died and by the time we had backed up and gone around it. But I was already crying at this point. Broke my heart because I knew it was in pain and it just was a very sad moment. And I am not talking a tear or two, like crying! ahh... animals make me sad.

Anywho, last night we celebrated Jeremy's birthday by going to dinner and then going to see Cross Canadian Ragweed at Billy Bob's. We had so much fun!! But, I am not in college anymore (haven't been for quite sometime) and I was so tired by 12:15. We didn't get home until 1:45 and I am still trying to recover. How pathetic am I?!

Oh yeah, and here is our door...what should we do with it? I really like it!

I hope I win the necklaces from Chic Coles giveaway. Go enter, or don't.. because then my odds will be better! :)Necklaces

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Who wants to drive to McKinney to get me this beauty? It is amazing and I already have lots of ideas of how to fit into our nursery in a few years! :)

I also found this fix-er-upper. Not sure where I can put this, but for $15 I will find a place. I want to take the bottom four drawers out and use as shelves, and obviously, it needs to be re-painted!

We bought an old door from a friend for only $10 and we are really excited to use it somewhere in our house! NO idea what we can do with it. Any ideas?

AND... I would like to make this... who is with me?! I got the idea from another blog and then the directions from yet another. So cute! I already know where I want to put it. Now I just need to start collecting....

Monday, December 14, 2009

Friday, please get here.

I haven't blogged in a while. Sorry, I will get better... maybe. 10 updates on life:

1) I am on book 7 of the series. Although, they didn't have the normal book in, only Large Print. So, I checked that sucker out. It actually hurts my eyes to read such large print and I am going through pages like there is no tomorrow. I am too embarrassed to bring it to the gym though. The people on the machine behind me could read along, which would be strange.

2) Christmas break starts Friday at 11:30. Could we go ahead and skip Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday? (and possibly the first half of Friday)

3) Jeremy's birthday was the 11th and we had such a great weekend! We celebrated with both families and he got some great gifts! We can't wait to watch Jeremy's new season of LOST on dvds that my parents got him, and watch The Hangover from Al & Tyler. "Is this the real Caesar's Palace?" hahahaha.... and good golly did Jeremy got some clothes! He is pretty excited about his new True Romance t-shirts from Jen & Brad. He might also want to learn how to read. Staci and Brad took us out to dinner and drinks, and of course we had a great time. Love our best friends!

4) My heart aches for Dexter. I felt like something was going to happen, didn't want that to happen, but I had a feeling it was going to be something awful. Usually the seasons end with all back to normal and this one just went crazy! I wanted to cry when we saw Rita. When he got back home and we heard the message, I was like CRAP! Something was wrong... and then when he called, I think I seriously said OH NO, TRINITY GOT HER!!! Jeremy probably hushed me at that point. Anyways, I am so sad.... so very very sad.

5) Also, so very sad that Glee is over. But I got the Glee 2 CD! YEAH..... it is just as wonderful as Glee 1.

6) Did I mention that I am on vacation starting Friday? This counts as 6 for sure.

7) Saw Law Abiding Citizen with Staci & Brad (who else?) and it gave me nightmares. Thank you Gerard Butler for scurring me.

8) Found out that I need the Booty jeans when I buy Joe's Jeans. Awesome... like, I need someone else stating the obvious; which is that I have a ghetto booty. I have known this fact, thank you.

9) Running out of updates because my life is not very exciting.

10) I am finally rubbing off on Jeremy. He is on his SECOND book this week. Oh my little book worm :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

No Grinch Here

I have been in the Christmas spirit lately! Yesterday I spent a good 2 hours wrapping gifts and making my own bows. Not going to lie, but I am pretty impressed with myself! Take a gander. (Can't zoom in too far because you can't see who we bought gifts for; it is a secret!)

Allison, my mom, and I went to Holiday decorating class at Pottery Barn. We got some great ideas, but no offense PB, you are a bit over-priced. So I stopped at Ross on my way home since Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays. Isn't that always the case though?! I want Chick-fil-a and I need to make a HL run on Sundays... never fails. Anywhom, I got a vase and a few things for super cheap and made my won little PB inspired fiesta! I also bought gold garland for our tree; it was bare and making me sad.

Michael Vick is playing on tv and I am going to go ahead and say I pretty much hate that guy. Jeremy says forgive and forget.... yeah, no thanks.

I also found these friends on clearance at TJ Maxx; where else? And, I am pretty excited about that. What am I going to do with them? Not a dang clue, but don't tell Jeremy. I told him I had a plan.... which I slightly do. I know I am going to spray over that ugly orange! Deep red I do believe. What do you think?

Okay off to finish book 5 of the series. I get stopped almost every day I am reading it at the gym by ladies talking about how funny they are. One lady and I sat in the locker room and talked about who would play the characters in a movie; we are now BFF.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

if only

If I didn't have a full time job and I just had endless amounts of time and money I would love to start re-doing furniture and learn how to upholster. Oh how much fun I would have! My favorite blog that makes me incredibly jealous and makes me wish I had buckets of paint and random accent pieces in the garage is Better After. I could roam these posts for hours on end.... and I do!

I totally forgot!!! Jeremy and I went to Lucy this past weekend and it was my lucky ducky day. Everything was an extra 30% off the sale price. Here are my wonderful finds :)

I got this shirt in white and blue... hmmm....

This in deep purple.

A light blue bad boy!

This loverly top.

These pants come in short... Hallelujah!

My favorite thing was this jacket, but mine is in a really cute pink... can't find a picture though. Oh well! Need a Christmas gift for me? Gift card to Lucy would be wonderful.