Saturday, January 15, 2011


My goal for 2011 is to be a better blogger.  Well, maybe.  I am just getting busier and busier and I don’t even know what to blog about…. which means, I don’t blog.

I will try to get better!

My sister and I are still going strong on redoing furniture and I think it is going great so far.  We have had a ton of positive feedback.  Here are our latest purchases that we are going to redo.

This dresser is already sold and we are going to do a custom finish for our client.  We are going to change it up a little bit to better accommodate what she is using the dresser for.  We are also going to repaint her gorgeous headboard, footboard, and two nightstands to match.  Can’t wait to get started and show you the after pictures!

Our idea on this is to make it pretty girly and possibly paint it a very light pink or white.  Maybe even do a stencil or design on it?  Who knows?!  Any ideas??  I am just excited to have to reupholster something again! (I love doing that!)