Saturday, September 25, 2010

Christmas So Soon??

Jeremy and I are starting to think of what we are going to give ourselves for Christmas and I we are leaning towards a King-Sized Bed.  I am perfectly content with ours but I am also 5’1.  Jer, on the other hand, is not so comfy.  Here is our plan: just buy the mattress and the bed frame, buy new bedding (kind of sad because I love ours), and make a new headboard.  I am pretty excited and I saw this today on Chic Coles and loved it!
I would love to add some yellow or some pop of fun color in the pillow.

Here is some inspiring headboards; don’t you love them?!
This is a DIY headboard from Design Sponge.
avalon_headboard_yellow_543 hboard hboard2 headboard1 p_100819921

Do you have any Christmas gifts you are getting yourselves??


Allison said...

I like the first photo! Great color scheme!

I don't know that we're doing Christmas gifts to each other ... maybe fun stockings or setting a small budget to get something special for each other. Christmas is about Bella and baby #2 now ... my dreams of Christmas gifts now involve Dora, Toys R Us and toys. :) Which I love!

Jen @ lil Mop Top said...

love the headboards! I can't wait to put John's in his room!! Also looking forward to a super exciting new dish washer for christmas. L)

Jessica said...

I would love to have a king sized bed!

I want new floors for Christmas....probably not going to happen though! :)

Lauren said...

We are getting a basic bed, too....then I'm copying you and making a head board....if I can figure it out! Making my wreath tomorrow! Hope it looks as cute as yours! :)