Friday, April 22, 2011


My laptop crashed the other day and I lost ALL of my pictures and documents. It was a bad night and it is now with a man who better be able to bring everything back to life! He is my only hope because I couldn't even get the computer to restart correctly. LOVELY.

Anyways, I was thinking the other day about how things are changing and I don't know if it is just me but these marvelous changes are not so marvelous... let me explain.

1. You tinkle constantly. And, I mean constantly. I got home from the gym this morning and had to go three times within the hour that I left for work. Hmm...

2. I do NOT have glowing skin. More like the opposite. I have reverted back to a 12 year old in the face. No bueno.

3. Maternity clothing is NOT easy to find and I no longer fit into ANY of my regular pants. I am literally wearing the same 4 pairs of bottoms every single day and two are still too big.

4. Speaking of maternity clothing, I have yet to find any workout pants that are not as thin as tights and that would not make my butt look even more cottage-cheesier. I need REGULAR workout gear people. Thick and holds me in place. Make it happen, thank you.

5. The whole thing about how a lot of people barely gain any weight the first trimester is pure crap. Well, in my opinion at least. Yes, I lived off of Kit Kats for a good week or so and yes, chinese food sounded amazing every other night, BUT I still worked out and I didn't really overeat other than a wee bit. Nothing tastes good, dang it!!

6. People find out you are pregnant and feel the need to give you every bit of advice that they have. Granted, it is nice of them, but I don't care to hear everyone's every single bit of advice. Esp. from people that I don't even know their names. Apparently when you are pregnant people automatically think you are a moron and in need of major help. News flash, I am quite capable of handling things.

7. If you haven't noticed I am more blunt and I don't have a lot of patience. Watch out when I am hungry. I try to warn Jeremy ahead of time that I am getting to the cranky hungry point and things need to move fast. And, I mean FAST.

Okay, long enough post... hopefully pictures for the next one!!


Ashley Hlavaty said...

You are too cute!

Bon&Bud said...

Love this post!

jamotta said...

You are too funny.

Refreshingly Chic said...

Funny!! :) Yes a baby bump is an invitation for people to talk to you & give advice. I liked it ... but that's just me. And I gained my fair share of weight the first trimester so no worries. Don't worry ... it's all worth it in the end. Just brace yourself ... it's going to get a bit worse before it gets better. ;)

Refreshingly Chic said...

HA! That posted under Refreshingly Chic. But since you already mentioned you aren't a moron ... I bet you'll know that was from me and NOT yourself. :)