Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nursery Pics Round Dos


Emma is going to be here shortly, like in two weeks, so we better get this nursery complete.  We are still waiting for the correct chair to come in.  It better be here ASAP!!

IMGP0961 (2)IMGP0962IMGP0963IMGP0964IMGP0965

Emma is a bit spoiled already.  Her dresser is completely full of clothes and I already have bins started for clothes that are over 3 months.  Gotta love having a sister with two little girls! Smile


The last bikini was given to Bella from my Aunt Shelley and I can’t wait for Emma to take a picture in it!  Emma has this and a beautiful blanket that she made for John, so I am glad that I have something that is from her even if it was specifically made for Emma.

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