Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Playroom Round 1

I am finally getting around to decorating and making a great playroom for Emma.  Taking forever since we have been so busy!  I think it took me 2 months to finish sewing her pillows.  Oops!

Pretty sure I bought fabric when Emma was about 4 months old and she is now 1!  Finally talked Jeremy into helping me make a simple window treatment this past weekend.  He and his dad got to work (his dad basically has a hardware store in his barn so we go there instead of Home Depot or Lowes).  Here is what we started with.


Basically get a thicker piece of plywood and cut it into any shape that you want.  I kept it super simple since it is for a playroom.  Then nail in the same thickness on the sides so that it will stick off the wall a tad.  I am pretty sure we only did 4 inches.  Here is why!


We took a piece of 2x4 and cut 2 rectangles out for each side.  Then, we cut each of those at an angle.  We nailed the ‘top’ to the two corners of the valance.  The other piece we put two L mounting brackets on.  It will make perfect sense soon.  Next step is to staple on batting.  Make sure that you don’t cover the bottom of the 2x4 because you will need it flat.


Now do the same thing with your fabric of choice.


Here is where you need to get a little smarty smart.  Figure out where you want your valance, then you will screw in the half of the 2x4 with the brackets on.  I took a picture of this close up but my computer is acting all cray-cray so sorry Charlie.


Since you did that at an angle your valance will slide on PERFECTLY!!  Super easy huh?!  We use this technique anytime possible.  Thank you to Kendra’s mom for showing me this a few years ago!


Next on my playroom DIY list.  Disney princess inspired wall art.  Sounds adorable huh?!  Well, in my head it is!  Hopefully it all works out.

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Jen @ lil Mop Top said...

very cute! Love that Jer used his truck tailgate as a work bench! Maybe I will make a valance for John's room since I found a TON of his owl fabric left over in my craft closet. Or maybe I will use it in the playroom...hmmmm....