Tuesday, June 18, 2013

8 years later...

It only took 5 months of going back and forth and meeting with what seemed like 10 different guys, but our fireplace is complete!!

There was a storm a few weeks ago and my sister and nieces were hanging out at my house and Allison said, "why don't you just attempt to paint everything white? If you are going to replace it anyways, what is the harm?". Good point and taken. BUT, I knew I would hate it, BUT I also knew if I painted a little bit Jeremy would HAVE to agree to redo the fireplace. My plan worked like a C-H-A-R-M! He came home, looked at the fireplace with one part painted white, and he said, "Damn it Emily. I hate when you and Allison get together.". Really? Do you really, Jer Bear? I think you secretly love all these random projects I come up with.

Here is what I started with, after the painting of one white area and Jeremy taking off the entire mantel (which he said I would never sell, but I sold in a few days, mind you!)

You can follow along with the pictures to see what we did.  I had the new mantel made by someone I found off Craigslist.  Super random, but it worked out really well and was ready for me to get in ONE day!  I'll take it.

I am THRILLED with the outcome.  What do you think?

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arlene said...

Love it! Girl, you know how to get a project started!