Thursday, January 29, 2009

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I noticed that more and more people are beginning to blog these days, so I decided to follow the trend and make my own! Hopefully, you will enjoy it! I am not quite sure what to do and how to arrange things, so it will be a work - in - progress.

So, I guess I will start from the beginning! I am the youngest of three gals, poor dad! But we all get along really well and are very close. My family all lives very close to us and so we get to see each other all of the time :) It was always fun playing house and school and playing with sidewalk chalk!

Allison and Tyler got married first in 2005, then Jen in 2006. Tyler and Brad are a great addition to the family. Even though they are a foot taller than all of us, they fit in because they are sarcastic and can put up with all of us. I would not say we are an odd family but I have been told we are not 'normal'. But, hey, who gets to decide what normal is anyways??

Then came my love, Jeremy! We actually met in high school but we were just friends. We had a class together and we hung out a handful of times, but we always dated different people. I went to Texas Tech University and he went to Texas A&M University and we did not talk at all while in college. I graduated in December of 2005 and he graduated in May of 2006. I was working for CPS and I was still in training and I got a facebook message (yes, we reconnected on the romantic facebook... gotta love it) from him saying that he was back in the area. It was very random and I remember writing a note to my friend Lauren (we went through training together) about it and what I should make of it. I still have the note and it is going in my scrapbook :) Anywhom... we decided to go with Ben and C-Low to watch a Mavs game at a local restaurant. Well, that's all it took! He called the next day and the next day and every day after that!! Jeremy proposed on my birthday in 2007 at the Gaylord Texan Resort and it was perfect! We got married at Old Red Museum on April 5, 2008. Best day ever!! We honeymooned in Nassau, Bahamas and it was amazing... the plane right.. I almost cried out of pure fear... but the honeymoon was a LOT of fun!

We bought our first house in August 2008 and we re-modeled a lot of it. We put down all new wood flooring, took down two walls, painted every room but one.... just lots of fun! Now, we are about to start the project of re-modeling our master bathroom which I could not be more excited about! You know you are getting old when porcelain tile gets you all giddy! It will be a HUGE undertaking but it needs to be done and we want to get things done before we have babies (years to come, thank you) and while we have the time and money. That and we are both let's just get it done! Can be a great thing at time, but also very very bad! Here are a few pictures of the house and I will post pictures of the remodel while we go!

Jennifer and Brad had their first child on December 2, 2008 and he is precious! Baby John is the sweetest baby and the cutest, but he will have quite the competition when Allison and Tyler have Isabella! So many babies, all very exciting. But Jeremy and I love getting to see John (and soon Isabella) and then getting to leave! haha... we are just not there yet :)

We have the BEST friends anyone could ask for. We have sadly lost touch with some great friends and really strengthened our relationship with other friends. We are actually going on a cruise this summer with Brad and Staci. Two of our most amazing friends ever! We have so much fun with them and we cannot wait to go! I am slightly scared of the cruise, does TITANIC ring a bell?! Yeah I hope Carnival doesn't become a movie with me hanging onto Jeremy in the frigid water. Although, it would be a marvelous movie if we were the main characters ;) Celice and Randall bought a house down the street from us, which is always a good time! It is like college at times. The boys play ping pong and we get to go to Ross! haha.. our favorite store! And then we come home all excited about our purchases and how much we save and then the boys always love to tell us that actually we didn't save any money because we still spent some. Well, whatever, we still think we are saving money!!

Well.. I think that is about all the blog that people are interested in ready for one day! More to come soon =) You know me, I could talk to a wall for hours and for days if it just responded every once in a while!

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Celice said...

I will be your first commenter! Yea- I needed a new blog to read! Welcome to the blog-world friend!

Melaina said...

I enjoyed reading your blog, and I love Ross, so we will all have to go sometime:)

Sleonard said...

YEA! I love having another blog to read!! Everyone else's lives always seem so much more exciting than mine, haha. Keep on writing and I'll keep on reading my friend :)