Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oh Sickness... how I love thee!

All of a sudden I got a little bit of an illness. Not too sure what I have, but my left ear is really annoying me! Oh well, I just downed two more pills so I should start feeling better soon!! :) But I did get a Sonic Oreo Blast out of it from Jeremy! Thanks friend! Not healthy, but I like to think that calories don't count when you are sick. It only makes perfect sense to me.

While the guys are watching UFC here (gross me out) I decided to make a post of just random things that I love, things I want, etc. etc. Hey, it will keep me busy until these fights are over.

Why oh why did you have to close down?? Chocolate/Vanilla Swirl with Rainbow Sprinkles please! My mom would take me there after every doctor's visit and if I got good grades. haha... the simple things in life that make me oh so happy!Kenneth Cole ring... LOVE it!! I plan on learned how to do PMC rings and other jewels with a coworker who already has an established line. I am REALLY excited about it! Pictures to come later.

Obviously, not caring about the lady... the purse my friends, the purse! Tod's!! If I had about $2,000 to spare I would go to the nearest Tod's (or go back to Italy... that would be ideal) and purchase an AMAZING bag!
Again, if I had a lot of money and tall model like legs, I would buy these Christian Louboutin. You have to admit, they are very SATC!

Where could I put these in my house? Because I like 'em!

I like these living rooms... they are very clean and simple. Although, tomorrow when I see a picture of a bright and colorful room I will want that too. Oh boy....

My FAVORITE place to go for workout and comfy gear, Lucy. The sales there are pretty spectacular... never buy anything full price! It's like Kohl's, wait a few weeks and you can get it like 50% off!

Alright friends, I am really tired and still don't feel great. So, I am out! Happy Superbowl Sunday!!

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Something Borrowed, Something Blue... said...

Oh I love the look of the first living room that is all white! Thats what I would love to do, but I am afraid it would get so dirty!