Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm Back!

Okay I am vowing to actually blog on a regular basis, as in more than once a month. Lots has been going on lately! Kendra and Josh got married and it was a beauitful wedding! The rehearsal dinner was GREAT... although since I got there early and set up a few things the guy that worked there thought I was in charge and kept coming up to me telling me things that were going to happen. I just smiled and nodded and then told Kendra and chuckled about it. I should be a wedding person, I LOVE them and like taking charge. I know me?! Never! But yes, I do enjoy it. We had a load of fun dancing at the reception! I even cut my toe from my shoes because I danced so much! Can't wait to see the crazy pictures from the photographer. Here are a few quick pictures of the wedding. I have not been good about taking pictures, I just steal everyone elses once they put them on facebook (aka my other addiction).

Work is going great, only 6 more Mondays! WOWZA! But I only have two weeks until TAKS. As Alicia would say, TAKS is upon us... and row your own boat kids! haha.. if you knew her you would die laughing. I am getting stressed over TAKS, but I can only do so much and then it is up to them, so I am doing what I can. I found out today that I might be teaching an 8th grade on-level math course next year, which might stress me out. I teach one 8th Enrichment, but on-level is a bit different and it would be more stress to teach that with all my 7th pre-AP. But I will just do whatever they give me and be thankful I have a job!

Easter was a lot of fun, it helps that I like a lot of food and my parents and Jeremy's parents made the same meal. Thankfully I love mashed potatoes and ham! And CANDY.. good gosh I hope I don't gain 20 pounds! We won on our Easter egg hunt, like I said before. We had to be back to back and had to hook arms. My arms were so far behind my body it was killing me shoulders! I mean I thought I was about to pull a freaking muscle. Jeremy was like just lay on my back and I will run around with you! I was like are you kidding me!? I can't rid on your back BACKWARDS... I have bones, friend! But no one went into the living room but us so we got all of our eggs from there. Good times, good times. My mom said this was our last egg hunt because the babies will do it next year. Well screw that! I don't have a baby, I am fair game and those little crap machines are going DOWN!

Onto what has taken over our life, our bathroom remodel! So, Weston helped us demo it at the end of March and we are reallllly getting somewhere! It is not done at all, but getting so close! Victor and Jeremy are working on the shower floor as we speak and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The floor is all complete and looking beautiful. The wall tile is getting there as well, just needing to do the top part where the shower head is and the boarder. Once the floor is done we can put the tile right above it.. then do the bathtub tile. So, obviously there is a lot, but there has been SOO much done! Here are some pictures of how it is coming along so far. What wall color do you think?! We are going to paint the trim a light cream to go with the flooring. I need to find mirrors which has been such a fiasco! Please tell me where to go! I swear I have been everywhere! I don't want to spend much on them because well, I don't! haha.. we also need to get a new lighting fixture that will hang a bit (Allison told me I need to do that as well.. I didn't know I did, but apparently I do). So much to do! I hope to be done sometime this summer! haha.. and I have to do new window treatmeants. Why are we not millionaires?!

Okay here are mirrors from Horchow that I LOVE LOVE LOVE... and I want something like this! And I love this ceiling medallion! If only Jeremy was up to rewiring a lighting fixture, I would use it! (why they are so small... I don't know! I will try to fix it later!)


Sleonard said...

The bathroom looks amazing!! I can't wait to see the final product! I promise I will post my pics of everything on facebook ASAP :) We need to get together sometime soon! Happy Tuesday!

Something Borrowed, Something Blue... said...

I love the dress you wore to that wedding, you looked beautiful!