Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu!!! ahhh!!

So I guess I should change this paragraph! At first I thought it was really silly to close the whole district, which could still be a bit much, but now our district has a confirmed case of the flu; so I am just wondering if and when my school will get it. Hopefully we won't! I don't want to have to make up a week of school in the summer. I am ready for Swine Flu to be done, esp since we are going to a cruise this summer!! We might just be staying on the boat and wearing a full face mask! Now that would be attractive :)

Our bathroom remodel is coming right along!! The tile is complete, the shower is complete, new toliet is in and working, the walls are textured, closet door frames have been spray-painted to match (saved us hundreds!), wall mirrors have been purchased, and windows have been ordered. We are going to paint this week and buy our new light fixture. Plus we need to install our new sink faucets, we already did the others. Hopefully everything will be done within a few weeks. I still need to figure out what color towels and such I want. I also need to make new window treatments. That might be a summer task because school is almost over so we are in rush mode to get everything in before the end of May... so perhaps the window treatment adventure will be on hold until June 1st. Here are a few pictures of the tile work complete, but pre-wall texture. I will post those when the color is on them.

On a slighty different note (completely different actually), I think Kelly from Real Housewives is CRAZY! She doesn't fully comprehend the English language or understand what human interaction is like, possibly because she is part alien. I don't like her and I hope they don't bring her back next season. I also think that Ramona always seems very surprised because she opens her eyes in a huge manner during every conversation. It is actually quite frightening.

TAKS is done! Well, until we get the scores and then we find out who needs to re-take it. I am working with the 8th graders that didn't pass now and it is quite the under-taking. I am hoping that their scores really improve but it is very hard when I only have two weeks until they take it again. What can ya do?! Only 4 or 5 weeks (I can't remember how long). Hopefully 4 :)

Oooo it just started raining so I think I am going to curl up with my book and read until Jeremy gets home and then watch LOST! Woohoo!!


Allison said...

the bathroom looks great! and i like your new layout! How did you change the background of the posts? Mine never changed .. boo.

Machele said...

You guys did a great job!! The bathroom is looking wonderful!!

Meredith said...

Your bathroom looks so good! Makes me want to demo mine and start over!

The Swine Flu is ruining everything, I hope everything dies down really fast! I thought that if schools were closed due to it that they wouldn't have to make it up, that would really suck if you had to make up!

Something Borrowed, Something Blue... said...

Your bathroom is beautiful! Also, if your school closes becasue of the swine flu you won't have to make it up this summer!

Celice said...

Bathroom looks GREAT! I can't wait to see it all finished!

The TownhouseLady said...

Wow, nice remodel. I'm jealous, ours is still on the to-do list.

I see you're a housewives fan. I can't wait for these Jersey girls to start up with their shenanigans.

I appreciate you listing my blog over there on your blog roll! I've checked out yours and it's great. You can count me in as an official follower.

Thanks again!

Sandra Powell said...

Hi, I saw you on Better After. I love before and after stories so thanks for sharing yours. I love how your bathroom is turning out. Getting ready to tackle my master bath soon so I'm looking at lots of ideas. Is your shower going to remain open like that or are you putting in glass? You got me thinking? Sandra @sawdustandpaperscraps

*Lisa* said...

I am in the same boat as Sandra Powell above me. Saw your Before and After pics and fell in love. I'd love to see more pics to get ideas how to remodel our dated bathroom.