Sunday, May 17, 2009

10 days

What a weekend! Can I first just say that we only have two more weeks until summer and I could not be more excited! So much to do!! So anywhom... the windows did not get installed this weekend because it rained all day on Saturday, which was the day we could all get together to do it. Oh well, next weekend. We installed the new faucets and it reallllly completes the sink area! We also got all new oil rubbed bronze accessories, like the tooth brush holder and all that jazz. We liked that but we did not like the towels and rugs that we bought... ughh... so that will be another day of shopping! It is coming along, we are just slowing down because we are honestly just really tired of working on our dang bathroom!

Friday was so much fun for us! We went with Staci and Brad to the Rangers game for Aggie night. No worries, I didn't wear any Aggie attire. Drinking was done by the boys and I mean a lot of it. It was prettttty interesting! Brad said that he would flash the crowd if the guy at bat got a home runner, well luck was not on his side because he hit a home run and up went Brad's shirt! The people behind us were just like umm?!?!? Of course it happened again later on in the game too. Then we all decided to get funnel cake (yum!) but we didn't think about the wind factor. Oops... the people in front of us were covered in our funnel cake after about 4 minutes! Our bad! The Rangers won and we had a lot of fun.. good times indeed.

We were supposed to go take our family pictures with Alana (check her blog, it is great... It is on my blog list too) but since it was pouring down rain all day we moved it to today. Great for me because I got to go to my beloved master step class, which I get annoyed when I miss! I also kicked Jer's butt in Dr. Mario, gotta love our Wii. And we went to go see Wolverine. Not going to lie, I liked that movie! I liked all of the X-Men movies that I saw, but I don't remember much of them. I need to re-watch it. One AWFUL thing happened at the movies though, the lady who sat next to me smelled like poop on a stick. I am not kidding I was gagging and closing my nose the WHOLE movie. I could not get over how awful awful awful she smelled!! Had she not brushed her teeth or showered in the last 3 days?! Not sure, but that is what the problem seemed to be. And she talked to the other girl the whole time. I thought I was going to flip a switch go off on her stinky a$$!! But, I didn't want to get mine kicked so I kept it shut.

Alright, I need to add pictures from this weekend, but I am trying to write this while doing laundry. Can I also add that I don't like The Fashion Show on Bravo?! It is strange and choppy and I have no idea who the people are on it. And, I think the clothes are fugly! I MISS PROJECT RUNWAY!!!!!


Jen said...

love the new background! :)

Meredith said...

I agree, I watched The Fashion Show like twice and never understood it. And the people are weird I really miss project runway too!

Alana said...

You are too funny!!! We watched Wolverine on Saturday and really liked it! Did you guys go see Star Trek as well? Can't wait to share the pictures with you -- your family is the best!!!!!!!!