Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I knew it!

Okay I know these are short and silly posts, but I knew Danny was going to get the boot tonight! I just felt it! I think he has gone down in the ranks the past few weeks. I reallllly like Chris or Kris, however you spell it. I thought his K. West song last night was awesome and I want to download it. I hope he wins, but I think Adam will, although I don't understand what kind of music he is going to be making. Rock?? Like Velvet Revolver (isn't that the name of that band??) type?! I dunno... but I think that Arkansas boy will get a deal either way and I am pumped. A new guitar man for me to listen too, Jeremy will be oh so delighted :)

Side-note, our bathroom is coming together! We are doing windows this weekend and I am going to take a pretty much completed bathroom pic and post it. I can't believe we are almost done, I swear it has been over 9 weeks since we started, maybe not, but it feels like it.

Okay off to watch LOST!!

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Alana said...

Okay -- I am so behind on Lost -- tell me, was the season finale great???