Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bad Blogger

I know I have not blogged as often as I should be or as often as I would life to.  Life just gets busy.  Here are my 10 quick updates on life.  I will get back to normal blogging soon!

1.) Summer vacation starts this Saturday!  I loved my students this year, but I love the fact that next week at this time I will not have to go to work the next morning! :)

2.) ALL of my students passed the math TAKS.  Yes, ALL!  This is a first for me and I am really excited.  I had a little over 130 students take it and we pulled it off!  Which means, I have to dye part of my hair blue.  Pictures to come….

3.) My friend from work is 7 months pregnant and needs to make window treatments for her nursery and redo some chairs… so, I am going to help.  Crafty summer, coming up!

4.) I am on book 14 out of the 15 book series that I have been trying to read before summer.  Janet Evanovich releases a new book a summer (or so I’m told), so I want to be ready for the 16th to come out.  But, I am really getting tired of reading the same type of book over and over.  Oh well, they are still funny.

5.) I am branching out and challenging myself and I signed up to be a consultant for a brand new handbag/jewelry line.  I am really excited!  I love every single piece and I get to host parties.  Sounds perfect to me :)

6.) Sadly, I am running out of updates.  Our lives aren’t that boring, I swear.

7.) Ummm… I got a new pair of workout capris from Lucy!  If you know me, you know that I could buy practically every piece in that store; if only I were a millionaire.  They are incredibly comfortable and have passed up my Zella pair to be my new favorite.  And yes, I rank my favorite workout pants, jeans, sweaters, etc.  Who doesn’t?

8.) Did I mention that summer starts Saturday?  If not… summer starts Saturday!

9.) My sisters, mom, and I had our Mother’s Day celebration yesterday.  We ate a delish lunch and got pedicures together.  We had planned on getting facials and a massage but they had to cancel our appointment because someone quit.  Not our problem!  Hire someone else :(

Okay.  I am going to have to stop at 9.  I was struggling to think of the last 7.

Normal posts with pictures soon!

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Jessica said...

are you reading about Stephanie Plum?!

I loved those books...I read them back to back as well and about half way got a little sick of it! But they were still good! :)