Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blues x3

First of all, Sunday night was a big night.  Michael Buble concert!!  Do you love him?!  I do!  Not as much as my Jerome-y, but he is in second for sure.  We had such a great time!  My sister, mom, and 2 of my best friends went with me and we wish we could go again tomorrow.  Next year we are determined to get close up and personal seats!  I better start saving up now. :)

So, Jeremy and I have a queen sized bed, which is fine with me, but Jer is 6’2 and would love to have more room to stretch out.  I am nice and comfy, but whateva!  I love my bedding now that I got from Bed Bath and Beyond and I love the dark walls that we have.  Some people don’t like dark walls, but we love having deep brown walls.  I sleep like a ba-by!
IMG_2492 IMG_2494 IMG_2495 IMG_2496
(Across from this is our entertainment stand and our TV is mounted on the wall…. I didn’t think anyone cared to see that!)
I got this chair off of Craigslist for $20; painted it and switched to fun fabric and there ya go.  I love the print!  I don’t want to change that chair again, as of right now.  We have nightstands in the garage ready to paint a pale yellow (maybe), but it is just too flipping hot out right now.  The dresser will stay, I would think….  Our only thing we would need to get is a new bed frame, headboard, and bedding.  We want to get an upholstered headboard, and I could actually another one, but I need some ideas to go by.
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As much as I would say I would want to completely change the color scheme, I don’t!!  Yikes!  I love lighter blues, brown, cream, tan, etc…  So, here are some possibilities for bedding.  I guess I should have said that we aren’t doing this anytime soon.  We just love to talk about the future :)
c14182 c16723 c18245 c19921 HC 2679_mj HC 2765_mj HC 2798_mj HC 2846_mj img6m img19m img48m img50m
I know there are two random bedding sets in there.  But, I kind of like them!  Maybe, this will be our Christmas present?  Ehh… I think we need to get done with the guest bathroom that we haven’t even started yet!

Anyways, I had fun looking at everything.  All of the pictures I got are from Pottery Barn, Horchow, Crate and Barrel, Target, and Kohls. 


Jen @ lil Mop Top said...

I think Brad would like a bigger bed too! :) I like the fancy headboards like in the last pic but that might be harder to do on your own!

Allison said...

Oh, I am SO jealous of you going to the concert. I actually bought tickets to his concert when he was in Norfolk, VA earlier this month BEFORE we found out we would be moving to KY. SO needless to say- I didn't get to go! And I am SO UPSET about it! :(

The Zhush said...

Love him and his music...and the bed in the fourth image down is my ACTUAL bed! :)