Friday, August 12, 2011

Three Steps Forward, One Step Back

We have made some real progress in Emma’s nursery!  We bought a dollhouse bookcase, arranged everything in the room, fixed the curtains, made a pillow, AND our beloved chair arrived after over 2 months of waiting.  Sadly, it was the wrong chair!  Right color, but we ordered the recliner glider and we only got the glider.  To say that I freaked out may be an understatement.  Emma is due in 6 weeks and the chair took over 8 weeks to get it.  Do the math people, it isn’t going to end well!  Jeremy took over and talked to the store and they worked some magic and we should get the correct chair in 3 weeks.  Let’s just all say a prayer that it is right!

Everything still needs work, but we are getting somewhere now.

We also found a great deal on a BOB Revolution stroller.  Do you have one?!  We LOVE it!!  This was the one thing that Jeremy was very adamant about getting.  Fine by me!


My sister, Jen, graciously gave us their car seat and bases since they aren’t using them with her boys.  So, we ordered a new set and here is what Emma will be in during her first car ride. Smile


A little less than 6 more weeks to go!  Although, we are praying for 4-5 instead.


Lynsey said...

We have a BOB Revolution. We got the car seat adapter and it has truly been the best decision ever! We love it!

Jen @ lil Mop Top said...

looking good! Emma will be here before you know it!!