Saturday, January 19, 2013

2013 Resolution…

I am only 19 days late, no big.

After starting to read blogs again, I have decided that I should write in mine.  Hope this actually happens!

Let me catch you up on life.

Still married. ha!  (Jeremy just read that and asked if there was an expiration date.  Funny kid.)

Emma is now a little over 16 months and has the personality of a 16 year old.  She is now called “The Voice”.  She talks loud, she laughs loud, and she cries even louder.  But she is sweet and we love love love LOVE her to death!  (She is currently messing with her sleep sheep in her crib instead of napping… )IMG_1826IMG_1834IMG_1851IMG_1866

We remodeled our kitchen last summer and we changed up our game room.  No more ugly wood paneling! Woohoo!!  So, we don’t have anymore big projects left in the house, yeah.  Just small things here and there.554684_10100908175401178_1151310603_n
(This picture is obviously before it was completed since there isn’t hardware.  Don’t worry, we have some now!)

Our business is doing great and we have a fun time working on it.  If you are in the need for a high end cooler company, you know who to call!  Brute Outdoors of course!

I said goodbye to sweet Jetty last summer and said HELLO to spacious Explorery.  Best purchase ever.

I have a new nephew!!!  Oh my goodness he is so sweet and SO cute!  T-Bone (Thomas) was born on December 26.  He was so nice to wait until after the holidays. 556323_10101210690009478_20907273_n

I have done a few quick and cheap DIY projects to spruce up some walls.IMGP2177252288_10101180654910058_248693161_n561663_10101056616024978_773597598_n
(Again, these are actually up on the wall but I have no picture… just image them 3x3 in the playroom.)

Okay E is currently chatting in her crib.  Bye friends!

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Mom said...

Love your updated blog. Keep the posts coming.