Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hang It Up

Remember my last post about the desk revamping?  Well, I completed it and I love the outcome!  We got the desk for free from a friend at Crossfit over a year ago and we were going to paint it and sell it, but we realized that we needed to desk.  So, home it stayed!  Bare with me through this entry and you will see the final look.

I have been bugging Jeremy about our game room… I hated it.  Thankfully, last summer we got rid of the wood paneling, retextured the walls, and painted a neutral there.  I wasn’t a fan of the old signs that we had up, they were great, but just wasn’t my cup of tea for in the house.  I finally buckled down and started decorated!  I made the large scrabble wall before Thanksgiving and I LOVE how it turned out.

Initially I wanted to make a shelf with a cubby system and hooks out of a wooden pallet.  We have a bazillion for the business, so I thought well that would be mainly free!  My sister, Allison, reminded me that my parents had some really cool door knobs and I should use those instead of hooks.  Hello, free again!  We loaded up and ran over there yesterday and my dad has a TON of cool stuff in his workshop and we totally nixed our plans for the pallet.  We ended up getting a really cool old piece of wood that was perfect for a shelf and then 5 glass knobs that we had at the house in NY.  I also stole some of my dad’s art work!  Thanks parentals!

I forgot to take pictures before we started, my bad.  All we did is measure out where we wanted the knobs to be, marked, and drilled holes.  Jeremy’s dad basically has a hardware store in his workshop so we got some carriage bolts that worked perfectly.  Push the bolts through the back and screw on the knobs.  Easy enough!

Jeremy bought Flush Mount Hangers at Lowes and it worked like a charm.  We used our stud finder to hang the shelf since it was so heavy and well, we are hanging stuff on it too!


Done!  We simply anchored my dad’s art on the top and I painted a small decorative “D” yellow to put to the left.  I remembered that I bought it for super cheap at Hobby Lobby and it has been sitting in the closet for at least a year.


Here is the desk area almost ready!  The desk is done but we have to hang up the poetry piece of the art that goes with the painting.  We didn’t have the right stuff to do that today.  Loving our new Gateway computer!


Up next is to finish off the room by adding new chevron curtains.  I ordered them off Etsy and I should get them this week!  See ya later boring window and wall area!


Now if I can only find some stupid door mats that aren’t uglier than dog crap.

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