Wednesday, August 26, 2009

so long pool idea

We were thinking that we would be able to update our pool this winter because it just really needs it. But because of recent events that will just have to take a back seat until next winter. I am not really upset about it, it is a lot of money that we just aren't excited about spending yet.

My iPod has gone crazy; the battery dies randomly and it realllllly annoys me when I am at the gym and it just dies. I need my music!! So, hopefully we can just buy a new battery and be good go. I don't really want to have to buy a new iPod for numerous reasons, I like mine and I don't have all of my music saved because... our freaking laptop went out! Holy moly!! Are you freaking kidding me?! I went to turn it on the other night and it just kept re-starting; even after I shut it. We had to just take the battery out so it would stop. Hopefully my mom's friend can fix it so we don't have to buy another one. But if nothing else I REALLY hope that we can some how get all of the pictures off of it so I don't lose them. I will cry if that happens. So, we might have to buy a new laptop and then I will have to buy PodCopy (if it is even still available) to get the songs off of my barely working iPod in case I need to buy another one of those. PLUS, we are still really wanting to treat ourselves to a new TV for Christmas. Oh yeah, and I pulled an Arlene (my mom) and I ran the front corner of my poor Jetta into our garage siding. To say that Jeremy was not thrilled with me might be an understatement. But he got over it quickly and made fun of me for possibly wanting an SUV later on. We are hoping that we can buff the scratches out and get some paint to repair the really bad scratches. Such is my life... when sh*t hits the fan for other people it hits a propeller for me.

But, I am loving my students so far. I cannot for the life of me get all of their names memorized yet. I have over 130 of them!! My goal is by the end of next week to have their names down... large goal.

AND (last thing, promise) I think I might get my Masters. What do ya think?!

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Allison said...

First things first - I laughed out loud when I read you ran your car into the siding ... such a good sister, right? That must be why mom called me last night quizzing me about when she ran into the garage ... then Dad got on the phone asking questions too. Funny.

Too bad about your laptop. We have 2 "dead" laptops in our living room right now. It stinks. AND i sold my ipod so I'm ipodless too. BUT i'm going to get an iphone tonight, so there's a silver lining!

And I think you should get your Masters. Do it now before you have a baby and don't have the time for it. :)