Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm Alive

Can you tell that I started back to work last week? I was in meetings everyday but one, so it was a busy week of sitting being a tad bored at times, getting my classroom ready, and getting lesson plans done. Ahh... up to my ears in stuff, but I am ready to go for tomorrow and all week! I am excited to meet all my new precious babies! I have letters written to them by my previous students that have tips on how to be successful in my class and they crack me up. Most are really great and then some say stuff like laugh at Mrs. Denson's jokes even if you don't think they are funny (lol... sad) and don't touch her neck! I have a big problem with people touching my neck, I panic. Jeremy thinks it is funny, I don't, it makes me want to cry....and punch him. So, my students found out, I don't remember how, but a lot of letters talked about not touching my neck.

Two important things happened this week though. 1.) Project Runway started... wooooot woo! I was so excited I could barely contain myself! I am glad the girl who got kicked off got kicked off. That was quite the ugly outfit. And onto point 2.) Nordstroms Rack opened!!!! big WOOOOOT WOO!! Jeremy and I actually went the day it opened. We are troopers to say the least. It was a wee bit crowded but there were about 100 people working so we didn't wait in line or anything. I didn't even bother with the clothes, that will have to wait until the crowds clear. There was a line to get into the dressing room, no thanks. Don't worry friends, I found some goodies! I got a pair of sneakers and two more Betsey Johnson necklaces. Recall my random idea to start a collection? Well, we are one pair of earrings and four necklaces in. Perfecto! If I had pictures I would post them, but I don't, so off to bed for me.

Last thing.. True Blood! What in the world is going on?!?!?!?!?!? I hate waiting a week....


JenBrown said...

I was in TERRIBLE meetings all week. We got TWO hours to work in our rooms and work on lesson plans. So my room is decent, but not done and I have enough plans to cover tomorrow and Tuesday. Guess I have some work to tomorrow during my conferene period! :)

It is funny b/c I had my kids write letters last year too! They said similar things like bring a jacket, don't text b/c I take up phones, come for tutorials and do your homework. And to be polite b/c I like it when students are nice. hehehe.

Yeah for project runway!!! Did you watch the all-star challenge before the new season? Flipping Out is on too...he is CRAZY!

Good luck tomorrow!

Allison said...

(okay your blog just ate my comment)

You two are busy bees! I can't believe summer is over and school is starting tomorrow! Although I'm glad cooler weather is (hopefully) in our future.

I am equally excited about Project Runway AND Flipping Out! Are you watching the model show after Project Runway? I missed last week but started to DVR it just in case it's good!!!!

Emily said...

I came up here the week before in-service started and got pretty much all of my room ready because I knew we would have very little time and I hate to be stressed out. At least you get a conference, I don't for the first day or two... awesome!

Flipping Out is one of our favorites! Jeremy actually loves this show... Jeff is crazy but he cracks me up! Well, they all do :) The model show wasn't that super great, hopefully it gets better!