Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Spare Change?

We might need your change sent our way. I already know that we aren't getting carpet until next year (tear) and I was becoming okay with that. You just don't know how very badly I would like new carpet. Well, today I went to go finish up some laundry and wouldn't ya know that our frappin' dryer was on, but not drying. Interesting, I didn't know that it had the setting: "keep very damp", but apparently it does. Jeremy and I undid everything and cleaned out the vents and waited a while and then put together and it worked. Although, we have noticed that recently our dryer hasn't been working grand. Hopefully, it doesn't continue to break and we don't have to buy a new one. BUT, just in case you have one of these spare babies, I will take the dryer (or the set) off your hands. Not a problem. And, I wouldn't mind re-doing my laundry room to look like any of these. Then maybe I would actually enjoy some tiny part of the laundry process.

Ever feel like you are meant to do something different than you are at the moment? Jeremy and I have been feeling that way for a while, we just need to figure out our niche. We both LOVE our jobs, but something is missing..... we shall see.


Allison said...

mmmmmm ... those laundry rooms make my heart happy. They look kind of like mine. HA!

Maybe you guys are missing the sound of a little pitter patter in your house!! :) :) :) Have a baby and then you guys will feel more "complete" and like you have a purpose.

OR we can start a business together. Either way I'm game. :)

Jason & Katie Pittenger said...

I am with her! A baby?!?!?! Or maybe even 2 babies!

JenBrown said...

First thought was baby...but they are ALOT of work which is not good if you didn't really want a baby in the first place.

But I can start a business too with you and Al! I have been feeling very crafty lately and my christmas present is going to be photoshop so I can start doing more design stuff. We can do a craft blog and post tutorials and once it gets popular we can make a shop on etsy!

Thirdly, (did I have a second?) you could totally do that with your laundry room. Yours is pretty big and you can make it cute!

Emily said...

Babies.... well, we want one, but just not right now. =)

A business, that would be great! Al said something about wedding and party planning, which I think would be fun! We can all specialize in particular parts of it... just a thought! (I would do the attire, hair, make up, and any accessories!) Maybe I can make the necklaces and stuff!