Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Auntie Em

How was your Easter?  Mine was fantastic, thank you for asking.  Here are a few shots of the weekend.  And, no, that is not our truck.  Jeremy’s dad bought it the other day to restore.  And, no, those aren’t my kids!  I am good old Auntie Em :)
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Yesterday was our 2nd Anniversary!  Jeremy bought me beautiful flowers and a sweet card.  We are going out to a nice dinner this weekend and I am super excited.  We LOVE Trulucks!  YUM!
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In honor of our anniversary Jeremy let me buy two more chairs off Craigslist.  hahaha… I died laughing about it last night.  How romantic are we?!  Here's the thing… they were $5 each and literally less than a mile away. Couldn’t say no.  I got two of these.  Any ideas of what color to paint them and what kind of fabric to use?  I need some ideas!  I told Jeremy I would actually do these fast and try to get rid of them fast too.  He is getting tired of all the chairs.  Although, he just called to tell me that he traded something for a scooter.  Are you kidding me?!  A SCOOTER??  Help. Us. Please.
Sorry that picture is not centered.  I was too lazy to take another one once I realized it.  Oh well.  You can get on over it.

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Lauren said...

Okay....I'm behind on blogging....AND reading. (Wedding is taking up all my time) Anyway....I just read this post and first off: happy two year anniversary! Second off: I TOTALLY cried looking at your pictures! I'm wondering if this is normal to get so verklempt over EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I see ANYTHING wedding related! Hee hee!