Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just one of those days

This is not a picture or craft post.  It is a purely random post, so read if you wish.

This morning on the way to work I remembered one of the worst mornings I have ever had, but I am sure funny to anyone I told.  Let me refresh your memory if you are friends with me or let me fill you in if you are new to me.

It was a Friday morning and I woke up late but still managed to get ready to go to the gym before work.  Points for me.  On the way out of my community I got pulled over for not completely stopping at the stop sign.  It was 5:15AM!!  Are you kidding me?!  We were the only people on the road for crying out loud!  So, that was lovely… a ticket before the sun came out.  PERFECT.

  Made it to the gym and got on the stair master (the ones where you actually walk up the stairs) and about 1-2 minutes into the workout the stairs start to pick up some speed.  Odd.  But, I pressed on.  I workout a lot, I can handle thing…. UNTIL I was literally running up the dang thing.  I mean full on sprint up those stairs.  My heart is beating out of control and my life is flashing before my life.  I am thinking how in the hellzers am I going to get of this machine without breaking my neck?!  I am pressing every single button I can and it is actually going faster… holy Hell.  I managed to jump and straddle the sides of the machine, the stairs are swooshing through my legs, but I pressed buttons until it stopped.  OBVIOUSLY, a broken machine!  Well, come to find out two meat-heads beside me knew it was broken and let me get on there.  Isn’t that nice of them?

Workout complete.  Back home.  It is jeans day at work (although, we get to wear jeans the vast majority of the year because our principal is awesome) and I remembered that I just got a pair of jeans back from getting hemmed.  New jeans are lovely!  Get ready and put the jeans on, take a last minute look in the mirror and realize that they look a little different at the bottom.  And by different, I mean uneven, and by uneven I mean a FEW inches off.  CDKLJEILJR KLFJSILFJIJ!!!  I tug at the one pant leg thinking maybe they are caught somewhere but that doesn’t seem to fix the problem.  Changed, again, while cursing I am sure… and finally made it to work.  Don’t worry, I got the jeans fixed and they were so nice to tell me that they wouldn’t charge me.  I said ‘yeah, that was never a question in my mind since you made the mistake of only hemming one pant leg’.

Thankfully, the only other bad thing was that I hit my funny bone on a desk. 

What makes me think to write this?  Well, Jeremy had a few things happen to him within the past 2-3 days that he hasn’t been laughing about but I am dying laughing just thinking about it.  Bear with me for the explanation.

We were working outside in the yard and Jeremy is trying to hang something on the wall and this huge, and I mean HUGE, black bug was flying by and we both were like what in the world was that?!  It flew away, but a few minutes later it was on Jeremy’s back!!  He didn’t have a shirt on either and he was telling me to swat it off.  Umm…. yeah… no.  I immediately started pointing and kinda ran away instead.  Well, Jeremy is just standing there and he tried moving around but Mr. Bug was not budging.  He kept asking me to swat it but there was NO way I was touching it with my hand.  So next logical thing?  The water hose!  So, I sprayed him down so the bug would fly off.  Oh man.  I have tears coming down my face right now.

Tonight he tripped/rolled his ankle on the lip on the garage floor.  Not even one minute later he got his arm tangled in a wire when he was trying to get the recycle bin, so when he started walking he got jerked back.  I was barely standing at this time, I was hysterical laughing!  Crap, I still am!

Okay, Jeremy is really thinking I am strange because I am dying laughing while typing a blog.  Sometimes, it happens. :)

Crafts on the next blog!


jamotta said...

Jeremy probably won't want to hear this but I'm laughing out loud. Great storyteller.

Jen @ lil Mop Top said...

I was cracking up! Brad gave me the same 'you are a nut job' look just now.

Lora said...

Haha! That is hilarious! And, I do remember that awful day you had-too funny!

Allison said...

Too funny!!! (and yes, i'm leaving this comment as you're standing behind me laughing)