Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I am begging Jeremy to let me get these pieces off Craigslist.  I NEED this to survive…. honestly, it is like water at this point.  These nightstands (they have two bad boys) will be painted and used in our bedroom and the dresser will be perfect for our one day nursery! 
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They need to be stripped and painted and need all new hardware.  Hello…. FUN.

Trying to make a deal with Jeremy.  He is getting a shotgun without my permission (not smooth), so I said I will not ‘B’ at you at all if you let me get this.

Like they say, “Happy Wife…Happy Life”  Learn it and live it.


JenBrown said...

did you get them?

Emily said...

NO!! I have emailed three times (using both email accounts) and she/he won't respond. So frustrating :(

Alexandra Rae said...

Okay, you have to get those!! I will send you a picture of the exact same dresser and night stands I got when we first got married. Same great classic lines, Queen Anne legs the whole thing. They have been shabby-chic-ed, painted red, high gloss white. They've been in every room in the house and just the other night I was looking at them in my daughter's room thinking, I sure know a good thing when I see it. Tell Jeremy! And get them.

Stef said...

I'll keep an eye out!! I love them by the way... and exactly what would Jeremy actually do if you came home with them??? ;)