Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It is so close!

We leave for the cruise on Sunday and I am soooo excited! I am having a wee bit of packing anxiety... you should see my room. There are stacks of clothes all around with shoes and jewelery too. And, I haven't even started Jer's stuff! Yikes!! I hope there isn't a luggage limit or I might have to do some sneaky tactics to get all my gear on board! Do you think 10 dresses, 5 nice shorts, about 10 tops, and then lounge wear is too much for 7 days?! hahaha.... I still need to pack for working out and stuff. Oh boy, I think I have a packing disease. Jeremy is already not super excited about the stacks on the floor; I think he might realize that it means he is going to have less space for his stuff?! Oh well!

Anyone watch Part 1 of the RHNJ Reunion show? I was disappointed, it wasn't super interesting; actually it was very strange at times. I didn't get what the deal was with the mafia and Carolina and Dina crying and getting upset. Danielle saying that her only surgeries were on her boobs and lips.... uh yeah, no way. Your face is tighter than my size too small shorts I got last year. Her eyebrows are about 5 feet away from her eyes and I don't think that is natural. Teresa sounded like an idiot yesterday and I am glad that Andy said something about her husbands remarks being offensive. I HIGHLY doubt that everyone in NJ says homophobic remarks, that doesn't sound right. Do I think her hubby is homophobic? Probably not, but it wasn't exactly PC to say those things. Nothing else exciting went on. Hopefully Part Dos will be more interesting.

I am super pumped that First 48 is back on. Please tell me that you watch this show! These detectives are tricky tricky and I love it! I am watching a new one on DVR right now and this young girl, who looks like a normal gal, is lying her butt off and I am cracking up because she is just getting caught in lie after lie. What bothers me the most about her is that she is using double negatives in her sentences. PROPER ENGLISH PLEASE!!! Not only do you sound like a complete moron when you say "I don't know nuthin" but you also sound like a shit-kicker. Just my opinion, and I am willing to be a lot of others' too.

Ice Age 3 is coming out soon!!! YEAH YEAH YEAH!! Cannot wait!

Okay off to finish the laundry, it never ends.

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