Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Talking Walls

Yesterday morning I came home from my workout class and decided to spray paint a few things that I have but wanted in a different color. I have to do another coat and then I will show ya with pictures. While I was doing that I thought to myself, why not re-paint the guest bedroom?! I could NOT take that blue paint anymore and either could my wall. I would walk by the room and they would say "paint me!! I am ugly... help me!!" When your walls talk, you had better listen. They could start to haunt you... true story.

So this is the before look, please try not to gag, I know it is hard.

It took me TWO hours to prep the room and take the furniture, that I could, out. This was not a happy time for me. Words came out of my mouth that rhyme with shmit, darn it, and duck. You get the picture. And I did everything by MYSELF! My mom called and asked what I was doing and I said painting, and proceeded to laugh and then call me a ball buster. Now, in many instances that could very well be a true statement, but not this time! Jeremy didn't help at ALL and I don't have balls, as we have read in a previous blog. So no ball buster for me, not this time at least! Here is what took me hours. That damn TV was heavy!!

Lowes time! Took another hour to get the right paint, shoot me. I hate picking out paint colors. I decided to do an accent wall of a deep red that matches our bedding and then the other walls are an off white that has a pearlized paint on top of the base color. Now... here is the kicker. Did I know that the Valspar Brilliant Base color and the Metallic (the pearlized stuff) costs a lot more?! No way Jose, but I realized that when I checked out. What can ya do?! It was mixed and ready to go. So, sorry Jeremy this was not a 50 buck re-do.....

Back to finish taping and then I realized that I cannot find the handle for the rollers, a must have when painting. So I am highly annoyed that I have to go back to the freaking store to get two 3 dollar items. Home Depot was about 1/2 a mile closer, so they got lucky and got my business. You are welcome for the 7 dollars minus tax.

Home sweet freaking home. Fast forward 4 more hours and there is a primer on the accent wall, and two base coats on the other walls, and one top coat too. I was exhausted!! Today after the gym I came home and did another coat of the top coat on the three walls and did the first coat of the red on the accent wall. I ran out of red, I only got a f-ing quart... thank you Lowes lady for lying when you said that would be plenty!! So after a meeting at 3 I am going back to get more paint and do another coat on that wall. My goal is to have everything done, including crown molding, by Saturday. I think this is very do-able. Hell, I already did 80% of the work! Here it is so far... remember not complete!!

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