Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cabin Red

Here are a few updated pictures of the guest bedroom. Isn't about 1,000X better than the blue?! We still have a few touch up paint spots to do for the crown molding. That is pretty much it for that room. Jeremy and I decided that we are done with house projects for the summer. We are worn out from remodeling constantly since we bought the house in August. There are a few more things to buy for the master bathroom, but it isn't anything huge to do. I can't wait to just relax!!

What did you think of RHNJ Finale? I thought it was okay, it wasn't the best thing ever. But very entertaining! I am ready for the reunion, those are always my favorite.

Another exciting thing happened yesterday. Jeremy asked me to get him a BOOK! Woohoo!! Perhaps I have turned him into a little book worm. So, I ran over to Barnes and Noble after the gym and bought him the book... I know, I am so sweet. He is also listening to a book on CD during his drive to and from work. Hello change!! I am pretty pumped that now when I want to read he will be all for it and want to read his book too.... instead of watching UFC or just falling asleep after reading one page. He even said he wanted to get a library card! The surprises keep flowing out of his mouth!


Allison said...

your guest bedroom looks great! Love the pearlized walls. :)

The Townhouselady said...

Chickie I'm diggin' the lamps on the nightstand and the curtain fabric. The red is fab.

2 thumbs up!

Marisa and John said...

I love the guest bedroom! Doesn't it feel great now that everything is coming together and all of your hard work is paying off? I loved the RHNJ finale...I can't wait for part 2 tonight. Those ladies are crazy...represent NJ! ;)