Thursday, June 11, 2009

No power = Polyvore love

Thank you Celice for telling me about! What a fun site!! You can create all sorts of sets and then post them on your blog or just save them for later use. Since our power has been out since last night (this storm is crazy!) I packed my food I just bought yesterday and came to my mom's to store our food and use the internet. I have been on polyvore ever since! So this is my first creation. Don't diss it, that is mean and I am just brand new at this. Plus I don't exactly know what I am doing just yet. This would be the patio that I would pick if I had a lot of money and Jeremy would let me redo it. I love, love, love the rug and then I would use those fabrics to make pillows or just reupholster some of the chairs. Everything else is just fun stuff! Okay off to make another room. What else am I going to do?! Buddy is hiding so I am all by myself :(

And thanks to everyone for saying nice things about my new and improved wall colors in my guest room! Hopefully this storm passes and I can open my garage to get the trim out to paint for the crown molding. Saturday might not be so easy of a deadline now!

So I am thinking possibly next Saturday for the headboards?! We are going out of town on the 28th, so that cancels out the next two Saturdays after that. That would give us June 20th or we could do July. What do you think? Here are some easier looking headboards and some fun fabric ideas! I don't know what colors you want, but you get the drift. Do we think we can do the nail heads around the headboard? I want to!! I think I am going to go with a design like the top right. Loving that one.


The Townhouselady said...

Polyvor is so much fun.

I like your taste in fabrics!

Alana said...

Love this -- I'm off to try it out!