Thursday, September 24, 2009

All the Single Ladies

Please tell me that you all watch Glee. It is my new favorite show, although I have quite a few favorites. But, I LOVE this show!! I wish I could sing, oh how I wish I could sing. I would try out for every musical because we all know I love to dance! Oh well, I will just keep blasting Moulin Rouge and other CDs and dance around the house and entertain Jeremy. He does enjoy it even though he says I am weird. But he will smile and laugh at me :)

I wish I had a spare room and could make it into a craft room. I try to craft, I promise I do. I need to start scrapbooking again, I am SO behind it is unreal. But who wouldn't want one of these rooms?!

A girl can dream. Like Jeremy said, 'you can dream about that and I will continue to dream about my muscle car and a garage full of tools'. Do we even speak the same language?


JenBrown said...

those craft rooms are nice, but you have to be super anal to keep them that organized!

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

Wow there is some organization going on in those photo's. Really nice.