Thursday, September 10, 2009


I will be making a post soon friends, very soon. Things have been interesting the past week and I just haven't had the time to really blog. Not to mention I have been staying at my mom's and their laptop is in the shop and I am too lazy to go upstairs. Crisis indeed. Here are a few main points of what in the world is up with me.

I got sick... thanks sinus infection, you are AWESOME! I love having you enter my life every so often.

My wisdom tooth is coming in. And, no, I am not 15. For some reason I don't have bottom wisdom teeth, only top ones. The dentist said not to worry we will pull them later. Later might be here! My jaw has been in pain for 2-3 days now. But it hasn't stopped me from eating, only severe pain would stop me.

Jeremy is in Germany (boo) and I haven't had much contact with him at all (double boo). Good thing he gets home tomorrow!!! VERY excited!

SYTYCD started last night, which means I get to hang out with Staci and her fam while we watch it and pretend to be the judges. It is weird, every season they say it is going to be the best season yet.

My mom took me shopping :)

My dad is helping me put together a surprise for Jer-Jer :)

We did a double step class on Wednesday night since it was not nearly as crowded as usual... LOVED it! But I was trying to stretch my whole left leg while teaching today. My students probably think I am bizarre (even more than they already do).

I got to hang out with my whole fam on Sunday! The babies were adorable! Bella sat and 'talked' to John and he was hilarious and just starred at her. Didn't move a muscle; just looked at her and occasionally at other people to see what we were doing. SO CUTE!

And... tonight is Project Runway AND Real Housewives of Atlanta! Wooot woo! Tomorrow I will not be living at my parents anymore (I know they are crying because I am leaving) and I will be back with my HUBBY!!! YEAH!! :)

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Reese's Pieces said...

Jason's tooth has been hurting him too! He felt kinda sick and then all of a sudden his jaw was killing him and it got all swollen. He ate too, but it was hurting so bad. Then he ate mushy stuff for a while. He went to see a surgeon and they say all 4 wisdom teeth are impacted and need to be removed! Yuck! He is finally starting to feel better, but it's been an awful coupld of weeks for him! He feels your pain .... and consequently, so do I! :) Hope you are feeling better soon!