Sunday, September 20, 2009

I have found a new love

And it is a home down the street that is our dream home! Jeremy and I could not believe how great it was and how amazing the layout and the details of the home were. Not that we are even looking, we LOVE LOVE LOVE our house, but it is always fun to look at new homes. Ideally, we would stay in our home for another 10 years and then we would buy land and build. Actually, we would want to look for land in about 8 years and start paying that off and then start building a year or so after that. But back to this house! Let me tell you the things that I loved.

Circle drive.... perfect for our fam and friends coming over.

Huge island in the kitchen! The whole kitchen was ideal; I wouldn't change a thing about it.

Master bedroom on the first floor and away from the other bedrooms. The indirect lighting was great. The master bath was loverly, the best part was the shower. No door! You just walk in the doorway to it and then it turns the corner and opens up and has two shower-heads.

The best part was the master closet! You could fit our clothes, our Christmas decor, our couch, and our fridge in there. It was the biggest closet I have ever seen, but it designed perfectly! Tons of different levels of hanging rods, shelving, mirror, drawers... oh I could go on for days!

There were two other bedrooms on the first floor and they were great.

The laundry room was an actual room! Not a closet :) Had granite counters and a sink and lots of storage.

Upstairs had a massive game room with a bar/kitchen area. We could fit our pool table and Jeremy's future arcade tables up there. (He wants to make a few of them). Wouldn't that be so much fun for adults and kids?

THEN... there was a movie room! It was already set up for a projector and everything. Man, we need to win the lottery! haha

Two more bedrooms upstairs with a Jack & Jill bathroom connecting.

What more could you ask for?! GREAT area... amazing area.... perfect area! We would just be down the street from where we are now and we LOVE the area we are in now. The backyard has nothing, just lots of grass. A pool would need to be put in. But heck, at that point whoever buys this house will have lots of money and be able to make the backyard amazing.

We could only dream right?!

Off to watch the Cowboys!!


Allison said...

where is this house of perfection? and more importantly, how much was it? :)

Emily said...

It is off of Amundson right by Eden. It is half an acre and 4,000sqft. And... it is $550,000. Which if you saw the house and the land, you would think it was a good deal! haha! Want to come see it?! It is open :)