Thursday, October 8, 2009


While doing laundry I keep finding a lot, and I mean more than 3 or 4, mint wrappers in all of Jeremy's pants and shorts. My first thought is not that he eats an abnormal amount of mints on a daily basis, but why in the world is he confusing his pant pockets with a trash can? I know he has plenty of trash cans at work within walking distance if his is full in his cubicle. Maybe it is just me, but I find it odd that he would prefer to carry trash in his pockets every single day.

I have been sick... thanks to possibly the large number of students who are sick at work. Although, I don't know what I have. My doctor said maybe the beginnings of the flu, maybe not? I thought that was a very promising, and professional, diagnosis. I am on flu medicine just in case. I tried to go to work today but I declined rapidly so I went home during 3rd period. Thanks to my amazing co-workers for covering two of my classes on their conference before the sub got there. But I feel a LOT better already! :)

Here are some great pictures from our wedding that we could from our photographer, Alana. She has a blog! Check her out, I took forever to go through all my pictures to pick them out, I guess buying a house makes you busy. But I got all of our pictures back and thought you might want to see a few!

On a completely different note; does anyone know how to re-do blog pages? I just want a banner and everything else to be white and clean. But, I am not that computer savvy! I need some help!

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Celice said...

You looked so stunning on your wedding day- I LOVED that dress!