Sunday, October 18, 2009

Walking for a Cure

What a great weekend! Jeremy and I were invited to dinner and to go see Rocky Horror Picture Show at a theater with another couple. I have never seen that movie, I didn't even know what it was about... so needless to say I was prettttty surprised that it was about a transvestite! haha! We had a great time; always nice to do something totally different.

Saturday morning started at 5:40am, wow. My mom, sisters, Sarah (close family friend), and I teamed up for Race for the Cure in Dallas. We raised almost $5,000, which is awesome!! We thought we could get there by 7am, but we were pretty wrong on that assumption! There were around 30,000 people (or so I was told) and good gosh it was so crowded. We ended up parking a mile away and we didn't get to the race until 7:30. So, we walked the 5K and then the 1 mile back. My feet were not feeling very fresh at that point! But, I had a lot of fun and it was for a great cause!

After a much needed nap and church we met up with Brad, Staci, and Matt for dinner at yummy Gloria's. Well, the guys decided to have a few margaritas to start the night, which is fine, but then they thought it would be a good idea for all 3 of them to squeeze into the backseat of my Jetta for the ride home. Jeremy is 6'2 and Brad is 6'4, and Matt fit comfortably. But, we had to listen to Brad and Jeremy complain about how squished they were. Oh well! Staci and I painted pumpkins while the guys played pool, had a few more drinks, and then decided to wrestle in our bedroom. No worries, this does not happen often! But our pumpkins came out really cute! Check it out :)


Celice said...

Awesome Emily- Both the race and the cute pumpkins!

Lauren said...

I found your blog through a friend of a friend! Hee hee! Now I can blog-stalk you, too! ;)

Love the pumpkins, Miss Creative!