Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Jeremy and I are going to a Halloween party and we need something fun to make for our costume! I don't want to go buy one of those skanky outfits that are sold. I kinda hate Halloween parties because girls think it is an excuse to dress like a hooker, sorry honey... now you just look like a desperate hoochie... NOT a fan! But, we are going, and we need a fun and appropriate outfit. Jeremy said months ago that he wanted to be Billy Mays, but not sure if he wants to do that still. Maybe I can blow up a picture of the Twilight poster and get a giant black box and I would be everyone's fav book! I need ideas people!!

Speaking of Halloween, I want to do some decorating, which means I need to do this VERY soon since it is already the 14th! Here are some fun photos :)


Celice said...

I agree with you on the hoochie Halloween costumes- it seems that's all there is to choose from at the stores! I say be creative and make your own.

JenBrown said...

you can go as michael easy!