Monday, October 5, 2009

The Husband Habit

As you know I am trying to read all 15 of the Janet Evanovich books... which means I have read one so far and I just picked up the second one this weekend from the library. But, before I went I had to finish another book I checked out, The Husband Habit but Alisa Valdes - Rodriguez. Aside from the random overkill on the politics from time to time, the book was really good! I really liked all the characters and it flowed well. I read more than half of it last night, so that must mean something!

Anyone watch the season finale of Entourage?!? I really hope Turtle and Jamie get back together, I love them together. But, I am really excited that E and Sloan are engaged. I didn't not see that coming when he proposed! How sweet =)

Nothing else uber exciting going on in my world. 1 six weeks of school down, 5 more to go!!!


Staci said...

Ooh I must check out this book. I've been so bad about reading lately, hopefully I'll get back with it. Brad and I LOVED the season finale of Entourage! I am pretty disappointed about Turtle and Jamie! I love the two of them together! But E and Sloane....precious!!! What a great ending. We're both so sad we have to wait a while for the new season now!

Celice said...

I just finished the first Twilight book and am about to start the second. I know I'm behind, but It's fun to read something that you don't want to put down- that hasn't happened in awhile!

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

I am obsessed with E and Sloan and I am beyond excited that they are feels like it is real! I can't wait to see what is going to happen next season!